Monday, February 4, 2008

Misc. Monday

My use of terms of endearment are fairly limited. I refer to my children with lots of tender nicknames like 'sweetie' and 'muffin' and 'chicken nugget'. That last one may not sound so tender but it is said with lots of love. My husband will occasionally be the recipient of other sweet nicknames that I'd better not say. However, it pretty much stops there. I don't call my friends and extended family by sugary names. So I'm always surprised when complete strangers will call me hon'. "Here's your receipt, hon'" or "Thanks for coming in, hon'." And where does that leave me? It's just like the feeling of rejection when you say you love someone and you're answered with silence. You have to return an endearment with another endearment! So I have to say, "Thank you, chicken nugget, for your excellent bagging skills." OK, I've never said that but it seems like I should.

I know there are worse things to complain about and maybe the world would be a better place if we started treating everyone like a cutie-pie. Maybe the auto mechanic would respond better to complaints of your high bill if you started off the conversation with, "Sweet buns, I didn't authorize you to flush the fluids.." But it's just not for me. If I didn't birth you then I feel no urge to bestow upon you the status of chicken nugget!
And on a completely different track: Will you please tell me why someone put a pen in the sippy cup of milk?


Rhonda Can't Help You said...

You're better than my mother, who gets ANGRY when people tell her to have a nice day. She immediately retorts with- Maybe I will, Maybe I won't.

Holliann said...

Here is a loving term I never use - LOL! That is so funny hon...and by the way - my sentiments exactly. In fact my brother and I had a steak dinner bet for whoever used a pet name first. Reg lost! Reg still owes me and my brother that steak, and just like everything else he says...I will pay up after snowmobile season.