Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Remember all those days this summer when they were driving me nuts? And they made the house a lot messier? And we actually had to start turning the dishwasher on EVERYDAY? And they fought over LEGOs, movies, who gassed (my kids new word for flatulence---and I admit I love it!), what to have for snack and anything else they could think of? And I would make all my empty threats and finish off with, "I can't wait for school to start!!"

Well, I didn't really mean it. Insert frowny face here.
See, even Syd is sad they're going to be gone all day being socialized by people not nearly as qualified for the job as their mother. In my next life I'm going to home school....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A boy's best friend

Our neighbors went on vacation. And while away they asked us to take care of their dog, *Skip. (Being as I don't have their permission to post about their dog I feel I must change his/her name to protect his/her identity. I'm a responsible blogger that way). Anyhoo, it's been great for all involved. Skip stays in his yard (OK, yes, Skip is a male--this his/her stuff was going to drive me nuts) and keeps his bodily waste on his side of the fence while my boys get to play with him and take care of him and feel the love all boys should have for doggies.
As you can see in the above picture Ethan has a healthy respect for him. He prefers to admire Skip through a fence or at least 15 feet away. And Noelle knows that you need to always be out of jumping reach of animals. Here she is perched on our garbage while the boys and Skip were in the garage waiting out a thunderstorm.
But alas, this fun 'chore' has come with some follow up begging of "When are we going to get a dog of our own?"   And I have to realize that taking care of the neighbors' dog once a year isn't going to cut it.
Hub and I grew up with dogs and have very fond memories of them. But we both didn't grow up in suburbia like we do now. Our dogs had room to run and relieve themselves and bark away without many people even noticing.  So it's hard to transfer that childhood memory of doggy ownership into the reality of our current living situation. However, considering the amount of dogs in my neighborhood, it really must not be that hard.

Anyway, the idea is definitely on the table. And one day it may happen. But for now I am quite content with letting the neighbors go on vacation as much as they want so my boys can steal a little bit of Skip's love.