Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tra la la

Here is a test for all of you who wanted a second chance to improve your SAT score:
1. TRUE/FALSE A doggy whistle is to a dog as Sydney is to her family.

Answer: duh.
This sweet babe of mine has learned to project her vocals in ways that would make true sopranos green with envy. Hub, who has very delicate ears except when it comes to some of his i-tune selections (Hub voluntarily listened to Willie Nelson today! This made my innards go berserk. I cannot stand the man's warble. This would have resulted in a serious musical discussion but as Hub was doing dishes at the time I thought it best to let him finish his task. I'll bring it up later when he's not so anxiously engaged in my housework), is ready to have her vocal chords surgically removed.
Mostly the screech occurs in the high chair when the desired food is not put into her mouth in a timely fashion. But it can also occur when she should be sleeping peacefully. Or when something is taken out of her possession that might maim her. Or whenever the H she feels like it. (that's not swearing, is it?)
I think it's directly attributed to the fact that she is our only child who didn't accept a pacifier/plug. She has more opportunities to practice her octaves. Our home has also gotten exponentially noisier with each additional child. It probably does take extreme measures to be heard around here.
Meanwhile, if the dogs in our neighborhood start howling you'll know Syd's just conversing. Please tell me she'll grow out of it and become a nice throaty alto by time she's 1!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Silver Lining

I encourage my children to share. And this is why various members of the fam were sick off and on for over a week now. Lots and lots of germ sharing going on over here. The Clorox wipes and Lysol spray did nothing but provide a false sense of security before the next person got sick. You can really get down when there is so much bodily upheaval going on around you (I like me some good sick euphemisms) but I was looking to make lemonade out of the lemony week and here's what I came up with.
* I went to Los with my good friends for a belated Birthday dinner. (sorry you missed it R!)
*We watched enough Disney channel to own stock in the company but the distraction sure helped.
* The library called and actually bought one of the books I requested! I thought they were just humoring me when I filled out a request form. It was a Dumb Bunny childrens book by Dav Pilkey in case you wondered. But now I know that my tax dollars can really be used to buy books I'm going to be filling out lots more forms.
*Nobody was sick for SEPs, though I don't think I would have minded missing those.....
*Speaking of SEPs, Mitch's teacher said he hasn't been burping in class anymore. We're so proud of him!
* Hub's got a career waiting for him in nursing. He took care of us like a champ.
And probably the most exciting thing of all that happened last week-----get ready for it----I'm talking HUGE--------Like winnning a trip to Disneyland huge-------
* I discovered one last Kara Mint Truffle leftover from the Christmas candy!!!!!! It was like a Christmas miracle a month late.
So take that Mister Germs. You're going to have to bring on some bigger guns (Smallpox maybe?) to get me down.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Choosing to take offense

You know when you have those lessons in church on not being offended? And if you're like me, you always think, "Well duh. I'd never go inactive over a quarrel about cream." (google church history if you're confused) I still think that. But sometimes I think there is some benefit in choosing to be offended. As long as your salvation and church activity are not on the line.

For instance, Hub prefers homemade granola for breakfast. I took on making this soon after we married and even use the same recipe from his mama. Recently, he informed me that he'd make the next batch. He tried to leave it at that but my housewife defenses were on high alert and I demanded further explanation. Bless his heart--this was his carefully worded response, "Well, I know you have a lot going on and sometimes I can tell that you were really rushed when making it." Again, after further interrogation techniques on my part (waterboarding is highly effective) he said that my last batch was not mixed well and there were clumps of brown sugar. And he hates clumps.
What would you do? A more righteous person (and a better wife) would apologize and tell her husband that she would make the time to create the perfect batch of granola and even throw in extra raisins for good measure. But me? I ain't that woman. So I sniffed and said fine, YOU make your own granola. And he did. And I didn't have to. And we were both happy. And I did notice that he took twice as long to make it as I did. So maybe he was right about how 'rushed' I am around here....

And while I'm sharing examples of marital discord...we were playing Catch Phrase, on my Birthday no less, and one of the clues Hub gave to describe the word 'showoff' was to say his wife was one! What the?! I think he really meant 'life of the party'. But since it was my B-day and he'd done lots of super great things for me that day I took the high road and chose to not mention it again. Until now I guess....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Making the most of the climate

Over Christmas break we had two of the most beautiful sunny days to actually enjoy the snow. Here are some of my excellent photos combined with descriptive captions for your viewing pleasure.
Big bro and fam building big snowman in field

Syd believes it is never too cold for a ride down a slide

wouldn't be Christmas break without being pulled behind a 4-wheeler w/ the cousins

SLEDDING BEHIND OUR HOMEEthan trying to convince Syd how great snow tastes

pulling kids constantly up a hill means no need for that Jillian Michaels DVD

Mitch still found a reason to have a tantrum in the midst of a fun sledding trip

evidence of my Birthday cake on Noelle's face