Monday, July 27, 2009

Audience participation

Raise your hand if you couldn't really say why you've been too busy to blog but then you downloaded your pictures and remembered where summer has gone.

Raise your hand if you had a blast wearing the same t-shirts with 60 other members of your immediate family. Raise your hand if you had to play in the water lots so you didn't die of heat stroke.

Raise your hand if all those members in your family got to make their own race car (that's our favorite palindrome) a la Pinewood Derby and we still can't stop talking about it.
Raise your hand if you had three kids enrolled in swimming lessons

Raise your hand if your 7-year-old has really great smoochie lips

Raise your hand if your 2-year-old thought that watching older brothers swim at the pool was worth a lot of snacks

Raise your hand if your 8-year-old had to celebrate his 9th Birthday early since he'll be at Lake Powell on the actual day.
You may also raise your hand if you now know where the 7-year-old learned to pose for pictures with smoochie lips.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dis an' Dat

I can't move my pix around today. So I hope this order suits everyone just fine. Below we have a lovely look at our favorite part of the Colonial Village we visited during the 4th festivities. It was not the neat printing press in which you could copy the Declaration of Independence. It was most definitely not the corn husk doll we waited in line to make for Noelle (upon completing the bland doll Noelle immediately threw it on the ground. I think she was hoping they could make her a Barbie version out of husks) Nope, the highlight was the snow cone stop right outside the museum doors.

Ike and Mitch have been great readers this summer. Mitch whips through his little chapter books so fast we sometimes have to make a couple trips to the library in a week. It was Noelle's book choice however, that had the librarian giggling. It was entitled 'When Your Parent is in Prison'. I guess she wants to be prepared for anything. (Notice the tat on her arm to go with her Sunday finery? My kids are addicted to them! Whatever happened to stickers?)
And finally we have Mitch in his tee-ball glory. He improved a lot this year and seemed to actually know what was going on. Next week we start with swimming lessons and move onto the family reunions and campouts. I love summer.