Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm so excited it's HALLOWEEN TIME so I can say 'macabre' a lot! It's definitely a fun word to say and unfortunately my life is not gruesome enough to warrant using it frequently.....
You may find this image macabre:
Yes, we have lots of strange naked body parts floating around our house. This is what happens when Hub buys the dollar store version of Barbie and not the real deal.

Here is another image that is not really macabre, but a little gross in its own right:
We were trying to teach Syd how to trick-or-treat and for some reason she only wanted to put the stinkiest, smelliest shoe she could find (courtesy of  Isaac) in her bucket. Hopefully she'll get over her foot fetish in time to accept more edible ware.
Here's another winner picture:
We attended a Halloween party where I wanted us all to go with a theme. This was hard since we are not one of those families who actually plans their costumes more than, say, two minutes in advance. So during dinner before the party we came up with everyone wearing old family reunion t-shirts and adding binocs and sunglasses and being a.....wait for it..... Mormon Tourist Family. You may say 'lame' but I say 'awesome!' The macabre part of this picture is that Hub still actually owned two fanny packs that he and I could add to our costume. Don't really wanna know why he was still hanging on to those.....
No more macabre pictures. But my challenge to you is to incorporate the word macabre into something you say today. It'll make you feel like a really creepy French person. And who doesn't want that? ciao.