Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's actually Walla Walla Bing Bang

Holy cow. How does anybody get anything done in summer? There are way too many kids running around here. And they all want to be fed constantly and play constantly and wrestle constantly and then they end up crying constantly because some of the wrestlers are twice the size of the others. Did I mention that they are also making a mess constantly?

Anyway. We have had lots of play time counterbalanced with enough reading, chores, and book learning so our brains don't get squishy. That term was one I came up with a couple of years ago when I had no real good answer for why the kiddies needed to only watch a minimal amount of TV everyday. I might have tried a more scientific explanation if I'd known that I would be taken literally. The other day I overheard Mitch telling his friend that they needed to only play a 'little' bit of a computer game the other day or 'our brains will get squishy.' And he sounded so positive that it would actually happen I think he had his friend scared. Nobody wants a squishy brain. That's why I'm getting off the computer right now, while mine is still nice and firm. Ciao.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wada Wada bing bang

I am so not sure what inspired me to do that title.

Anywho, we have been up to a whole lot of nothing to write home about, but here goes anyway:

Mitch had his 7th Birthday. He's looking pretty darn cool, I know. He is sporting his new muscle-T outfit courtesy of Grandma C. My kids love their muscle-Ts. Probably because they are banned from the school dress code so they feel a little rebellious wearing them.
Mitch was an atypical B-day boy. He definitely did not want to be singled out by not having to do any chores and was the first to volunteer to clean the basement. Naturally the next day he went back to not wanting to do any work, but it was nice while it lasted. He also chose baked potatoes as a Birthday dinner. He's a good kid and we were happy to celebrate him on his day.

On another note--Sydney has graduated from sleeping in her carseat to sleeping in a playpen. The graduation to a crib will come when it is not being currently occupied by Noelle.
Syd had been starting to scrunch down so much in the carseat that I was afraid we would have large chiropractor bills soon. The top picture is just of a sleeping baby on a couch. Who can resist a picture of a sleeping baby? Obviously not I.Does everyone else use towels as a 'ramp' for baby? Or just us?

We've also been kindof grateful for the rainy weather which cancels baseball games and leaves more time to build forts inside. Hub built this fort that actually stays up and allows the children to all be in it together. My forts tend to consist of one blanket and a chair and if you move a muscle it's over.
Last photo of the post is Noelle. She is the fun stage of not knowing what it means to 'smile' for a picture. She knows you are supposed to do something to your face and this is the end result.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Young Love versus Old Love

Do you like my title? It's not super relevant but I'm all about attention getters.
Summer vacay has been rockin' so far. There is something to be said for not having to haul five children in a car every morning by 8:35.
We have yet to turn on the AC, go to the swimming pool or to change any bike tires (though we have to pump Ethan's at least three times daily--but pumping beats the patches any day!) so I'm feeling great about things.

We are blessed to live near several parks and elementary school playgrounds. This means we can pretty much visit one and be the only ones there. Strangely the last two visits to different playgrounds we had company. Not the normal company you would expect at a playground, i.e. children, but teen lovers! I guess there's no place to canoodle once they kick you out of the hallways of the high school so they've resorted to embracing on the oh-so-comfortable wood chips at the park.
I'm not about confronting hormone-crazed teens. What if they attacked me with their jewel encrusted cell phones?? Or worse, what if they thought I was an old lady who wasn't hip? So I quickly send my children to embarrass them out. Which they always do. Nothing like a toddler staring right at you wondering why you're hogging the slide to dampen the desire.

And on the subject of love.....Hub and I had our 11th anniversary. We celebrated courtesy of Redbox and frozen yogurt once the kids were in bed. We don't have to go on gondola rides in Venice to prove our love I tell you. Now that I think about it...maybe we should have gone to the playground. Nothing must be more romantic than monkey bars and a twisty slide. Those teens are onto something. Can't wait for #12 to try it out!