Friday, July 30, 2010

Killing Time

Syd is just showing off her future dreams of modeling......
Hub is gone again to commune with men in the woods. And some bad stuff happened like my cell phone coming into contact with water. And wonder of wonders, not working! And I tried to not have a tantrum about it, but I failed.  And then Ike threw a tantrum this morning because some of his new Space Mission LEGO pieces were missing. And every other child has also surpassed their quota on tantrums. But that just means we're tantrummed out, right? Or maybe we're just stocking up for a rainy day.
But for the Good News Minute---Ike had his 10th Birthday!

Isaac is so great with Sydney. If I had to hire a nanny I think I'd really just hire him. And since he's my kid and I think it's part of his responsibility to help out around home I wouldn't even  have to pay him! See how I just got a free nanny?
Having a ten-year-old is nuts because I look like I'm only 18, but what can I do? He celebrated by seeing  The Sorcerer's Apprentice, had a sleepover, ate apple crisp, Alfredo and pizza (not in that order). And he got some new books, clothes and LEGOs. He's easy to please.
Now we're off to kill some time at a rockin' new splash pad. Good thing I don't own a cell phone anymore because it'd probably get wet.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

....and the kitchen sink. Again.

The above is just a sampling of some of our summer fun. You name it, we've done it. (OK, not really. But somedays I feel that way) I would blog more about it so you can be super jealous of our fun-ness, but then that would mean I'm home. And when I'm home there is just way too much noise and mess and sunblock to apply and forty loads of laundry to do. And let's just be real--I'd rather use my computer time to read your blogs than to upload 300 pictures to mine. L-A-Z-Y is my middle name, I know.
We survived Lake Powell, a night of camping at my fam reunion (the first time all of us have been in the same tent and a lesson learned to never do that again), a baptism, lots of swimming time, park time, family time, friend time, hiking, rock climbing, viewing Toy Story 3 for me and the boys, viewing Eclipse with my sisters, and other stuff that I can't remember or didn't take pictures of. I hope you feel updated. Because that's all you're going to get!