Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our Monkey Ancestors

I swear my boys need their hair cut every week in the winter. I finally have reached the scientific conclusion that their bodies are simply not that far removed from our animal cousins (their wild behaviors have been proof of this for awhile). I shouldn't complain that their bodies are just going into survival mode of retaining head heat. The evidence of this is much worse in the morning as you can see from these glamour shots:
Ethan is by far the winner of the Biggest Hair contest.
I wish they could wear hats to school.
And goofy Mitch always knows when a camera is on him.
Thank goodness spring is around the corner and with it shearing season.


cold cocoa said...

I like the way you advertised your blog yesterday. Oh, and those boys- cute! You should try buzzing them all this summer.

DKAZ said...

I thought in Payson that cowboy hats were mandatory part of their uniforms in public and private schools alike???

Diana said...

I had to do the buzz last week---Dallin wears a beanie to and from school, and boy would (should?) he have been embarrassed if he knew what a beanie head he was carrying around all day. . .