Sunday, February 24, 2008

The difference between boys and girls

This is what boys do on Sundays:

And yes, Ethan is wearing his bike helmet. He is a smart boy and knows that as the smallest one in the dogpile he is most likely to be injured.

And this is what girls do on Sundays:

Noelle is so righteous that she even keeps her reading material Sunday appropriate.

And this is where I want to be on Sundays:





Holliann said...

Megan - we didn't know about the blog, but I am so excited to be a reader! Your Christmas card was so funny!

Holliann said...

So Megan, I am not sure how to contact you, so I will comment on your blog...I don't know how big of a role the league of dorks (fantasy basketball) plays in your house, but in mine let's just say I am glad it is only basketball. Anyways, I was thinking next year we need to have a husbands against wives league, and see if we can pretend to beat them at their fake game. Are you in?

cold cocoa said...

You set your boys up in that pose, didn't you? I can't imagine them actually rolling on each other like that.