Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birth Order

Sometimes Hub and I like to play pretend and wonder how different our family life would be if our boys came after the girls. Or if Ethan was the oldest boy and Isaac the youngest? Or if we staggered boy/girl/boy/girl/boy.  Would their personalities be much different? Would our house be as battered? Would there be as much fighting or (heaven forbid) even more? We will never really know so it's best to just focus on making the present birth order work. Those times after dinner when all three boys somehow manage to happily throw balls at each other  in the basement while the girls go off in their room and play Barbies and there's harmony for about ten minutes......those are the priceless moments. 

And let's be honest---after being the mom that was wrestling with her boys at most public venues for several years it's finally MY turn to be the mom with the quiet, listening children at library story time. And how would I know to appreciate that if I hadn't had the beanbag-jumping boys first?

love these girlies 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miss me yet? Anyone? Anyone?

I can't just keep on doing 3-month recaps so I'm skipping all of that and just pretending like life started today.  I will however leave you a tidbit of photo evidence that the holidays did occur at our house. And that we still have not become a photogenic group.

             on our way to deliver neighborly treats. Ethan obviously is exuding holiday cheer...

sadly this is the best shot of everyone at Temple Square. See why we don't send out cute Christmas cards?

Now back to TODAY. My Martin Luther King Day resolutions are to resume weekly blogging to preserve our family history. And to not say any bad words. And to make my kids eat more vegetables.  And some other good ones that I don't want to share because you might steal them for yourselves and that's cheating yourself of proper introspection.
I now have to batten down the hatches for the impending snow storm and then get ready for a fun YW activity at the mall. Which means we need to eat dinner earlier. Which means I've got to scrounge up some more veggies to fulfill resolution #3.
Peace out.