Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oldish News

Some important family events occurred recently. Mainly that Ethan celebrated his 6th Birthday. He wanted breakfast in bed. He received a bowl of scrambled eggs with about 1 cup of Ketchup mixed in. He was a happy camper.

Noelle demanded  breakfast in bed too. We let her so she and  Ethan could keep each other company. Seriously, if you don't read the paper or have a TV wouldn't breakfast in bed be a little boring? Unfortunately, they kept company so well together that little breakfast was eaten and lots of jumping on beds happened. Breakfast in bed is a tradition that started and died all on one day...
Hub had a great idea to do a lot of spring cleaning over Spring Break. He made a massive list with the promise that once it was completed, we would enjoy a family trip to Pirate Island. Then he went to work the rest of the week.......So the kids and I worked hard to complete the list and we enjoyed our time at Pirate Island. Though waiters dressed up as pirates were not a pleasing novelty to my young daughters. And it made me feel like I had to tip more just because they were in costume and I felt sorry for them.
 Back to the Birthday since I'm about to curse moving these pictures around....Did I mention that Ethan had a LEGO party for his Birthday? It was a good time. He also lost 2 teeth recently. That doesn't have anything to do with his party, but I thought I'd throw that out there.
And with the coming of spring is the desire to be outside all the time. Poor Syd thinks if she grabs her sandals and bangs on the sliding door somebody will have pity on her. Usually it's not me.
The End.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jazzed up about keeping it real

I can’t even fake it anymore. Remember when you’re dating someone you kindof put on a pretense of being a funner person than you really are? You hear the stories---mostly about how the woman pretends to like all sorts of sports or camping and she pretends like she doesn’t mind getting dirty. Maybe she’ll also pretend to like his dog and family. Then once they’re married all bets are off. And the man….he’ll go to concerts or plays and will try to cry during a chick flick and will insist he wants lots of kids. But he too will change his tune once the vows are said.

*DISCLAIMER*The above examples are all contrived for illustrative purposes only. Not from anybody I really know. Or they would kill me.

For the most part, Hub and I were honest in dating. But I will admit that I used to pretend to care about one thing more than I do now after 11 years of marriage. And here it is in bold letters: I DON’T CARE WHAT POSITION THE JAZZ ARE IN GOING INTO THE PLAYOFFS.

For heaven’s sakes can you draw out this nightmare any longer?? The Jazz seriously play about 17 times a week and their standing adjusts accordingly. By the time I have returned from a potty break they have just moved a ½ game ahead of Dallas. Or ¾ of a place behind the Suns. Or 8/11 of a tie with Houston. Maybe if I cared more my math skills would kick in and I could understand how you can be half a game behind anyone. It seems like a half a game would end at half time, right?

Anyhoo, as Hub delves into his analysis of which teams Need to Win for the best case scenario for the Jazz I ponder how much I have changed.

First Dating Response: “I totally agree that the refs really ruined it for Team X. We won’t even go to that Shakespearean play tonight so we can see if Team Y can pull it off. And let’s eat some beef jerky together.”

Married for 5 years: “ Bummer about the Jazz choking tonight. I’ll even change the diaper so you can sulk in peace.”

Current: “Whatevs. I hope they lose so we don’t waste anymore precious TV time on them. Can’t you just check the score during the commercials of  Dancing With the Stars?”

And that is where we are. Hub has no delusions about my interest in the standings. In fact, he’ll start off each long winded report with a “I know you don’t really care….but” So as long he can get it off his chest and isn’t offended that I’m typing on my blog while ‘listening’ then we’re cool. At least we can still eat jerky together.

PS. Is it just me or is Kyle Korver too good looking to be playing in the NBA? Shouldn't he be doing Calvin Klein commercials somewhere?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A title to beat all titles

There really is no adequate title for this post. That is truly the hardest part of a blog.
Moving on....we had a super Easter. Noelle consumed her candy and tried to consume everyone else's in a matter of hours. Wonder where she got the sweet tooth?

Above is Syd helping put away the baskets. She didn't seem to care that she only got a package of mac and cheese. She did get some sugar intake by default as her sibs can't seem to dump a box of Nerds in their mouths without leaving a few morsels on the floor.

And speaking of Sydney....she is in that awkward hair growth stage. Bangs a little too long for bangs, but not quite long enough to be grown out. Thus, I introduce The Unicorn.

If we position her at the right angle in front of the TV we sometimes can pick up HBO.

And in case you were wondering why we have the ugliest dining room table in existence, it's because we have an Ethan in our home. 99% of the scratches and paint on our table are from him. The latest was when he got a grand idea to use a Sharpie to draw a smiley face on his napkin and it obviously bled through. After trying lots of things to clean it off I kind of have accepted it. It looks like the kind of face you'd want on your dining table. The kind of face that might actually eat vegetables and whatever else is set before it. I might keep it around just to buoy up our dinner time spirits over here. In fact, you may want to borrow Ethan's artistic skills for your own tables. I'll rent him out and all proceeds will go towards purchasing a new table for me to enjoy once all our kids have grown and left the home.