Thursday, February 7, 2008


What an exciting week of political events. I had the privilege of being a poll worker on Super Tuesday. I can't completely call it service since I did get a paycheck, but as it turns out to be about $5.55 per hour, I think I'll still refer to it as service.

I made some great new friends over the age of 70 and saw a wide range of political interests. Some voters were very testy with having to affiliate with the Republican party to vote on the Republican ticket (Utah primary election rules). Some voters don't bathe as often as other voters. Some voters had not been citizens for very long. Lots of voters had to wait in line for a long time. No matter the age, gender, birth nationality, or economic bracket everyone who voted became united as citizens of a free nation. Isn't that wonderful?

Enough of that. After garnering a 90% from Utahns, Mitt announced the 'suspension' of his candidacy today. Bummer.

And on the way home from the polls I was driving on a flat tire and decided to just get home faster instead of stopping to assess the damage or pretend to change it. Kudos to hubby for staying home all day with the kids and double kudos for not freaking out when he saw the shredded tire on our car. And shame on me for not being a good enough blogger to take a picture of my fellow poll workers Rex, Thora, Norma and Linda (the names alone indicate age, don't they?) and of the tire that is no more.

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Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Well done civil servant! I voted- does that count for anything? Granted, I voted for Clinton, so that may change your mind.

Go Dems!