Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kitchen Duty

I don't enjoy hanging out in the kitchen. I like to eat, don't get me wrong, but not when it's me putting in all the effort. But since I am a proud Mormon it is my duty to serve by baking/cooking. New babes, new neighbors, sick friends---it doesn't matter. We show our love by slavin' by the stove. Throw on top of that hub's Birthday and his professed love of my chicken enchiladas (really not that rave-worthy, trust me) I have spent too much time creating this:

And as a result my house looks like this:

And lest you think I actually cooked anybody a turkey dinner, of course not! My own dishes weren't pretty enough to photograph so I had to steal some pix from the web. One day when my taste buds are feeling really grown up I will buy seasonings in addition to the ones that say 'salt' and 'pepper' and 'Italian Seasoning' and serve up a dish that tastes exotic and looks pretty too.


DKAZ said...

You stole a picture off the web and that's the best one you could come up with? There's a little place called pottery barn or Crate and Barrel or Williams Sonoma...I guess there's a place called KMart too.

That one is for the Ron Paul coomment.

Megz said...

Hey D, how does that saying go...with friends like you who needs...Can't remember. Anyway. I did change the picture just for you! Any more tips? And what is a coomment?