Monday, March 21, 2011

Where I've Been If You Even Care

We have had some busy times. I’ve been partying hard-- hanging out at the Hale with some oldie but goody friends, chillin’ with some ward gal pals,  rocking out at the Battle of the Bands in support of my talented nephew (I missed out on the groupie thing as a teen so I’m just doing it now that I’m 34. Never too late!), sneaking into the dress rehearsal of our local beauty pageant, cheering on my boys at the Derb (actual photos of that one), my continued love affair with Jimmer and last but not least----POTTY TRAINING. So it’s good all those other things were in there or I would have declared myself criminally insane and gone off to live in the land of straight jackets and forced meds.

My life is consumed with Syd’s bodily functions. Is she crossing her legs for fun, or is it because she has to go?  What has her input been compared to her output? How many little princess unders can I wash I one day? After a whole week of power struggles and creative diversions to make her actually stay on her Elmo potty seat I think we’re getting the hang of it.  Can I hear a Hallelujah?

And here are the aforementioned Pinewood Derby pix. Hub was so disappointed in himself that after 3 years in cub scouts Ike has never had a winner. Ike didn’t really care, so it was nice that Hub felt bad enough for the whole family.
                   Isaac's face of excitement and Mitch's famous hotdog car that was actually fast.

 Checking out the competition....Mitch's hotdog car and Ike's retro car are in the middle

        Ethan wanted a part of the action so they let him race his stuffed triceratops.
    Syd wanted to disrobe while we were there. She just gets away with what the rest of us want to do.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Trying to make Lemonade.....

Let’s break down last week, shall we? Our washing machine became a leaker. Being as it’s a senior citizen my hopes aren’t high on how we can maintain our relationship. Our microwave died right after heating up the cornbag that I put in my bed every night to warm up my toes.( Hmmmm, maybe I’m the senior citizen?) Then there’s the chunk of fence Ethan pried off because he couldn’t quite remember how to use the latch…..And last but not least, Noelle ran around the house with a broken pen.  Inky fingers weren’t enough and she somehow managed to step in the ink as well. I will be googling ‘ways to remove ink from all flooring surfaces’ when I get up the stamina.
However, on the good side Hub and I left the house sans children for several hours to see the Jazz lose. A loss doesn’t feel as bad when you’re sitting on the front row and get complimentary food…. And Sydney got a new dresser for her Birthday to help alleviate our bloated dresser problem. Sure, we actually put Noelle’s clothes in it, but when you’re two you don’t really care about those things.    Isaac started a spring soccer league, Mitch was invited to do a basketball shootout, Ethan went on a field trip to the Scera Theatre that caused him to lose sleep because he was so excited… I guess there have been a few positives around here as well.   And tomorrow I get to go hang out with Isaac at school while he learns about his ‘physical development’. Wait, that should probably go in the top paragraph  with the trials. Pretty sure this is going to rank right up there with broken washing machine. Especially in his mind.
Anyhoo, this here is our life as we know it. Anyone relate?