Thursday, May 19, 2011

New England tour 2011

 I know most of you have been anxiously awaiting my recap. Well, wait no longer.  I am really holding back on the deets and about 140 pix since I know most blog readers don't have an attention span for a post longer than a paragraph. (not me though--I love reading all your wordy ones, I promise!) So if you're feeling deprived after reading this call me and I'll give you the 90 minute version......
 My parents view from the front door of their 'mission' home. Granby, MA is a beautiful little town.

                        Reuniting with my parents.... Erin is super talented with the self-timer on her camera.

 An old fashioned walk in the MA woods. We even got lost. But I was able to use all my navigation skills I learned at girls camp to bring us to safety. Maybe that is just my version, but Erin can tell hers on her own blog.
                              Very beautiful Boston Public Gardens.

Picture of the New England Genealogical Society just to show that I can do family history even if I don't live in Utah.

                       The view of the Boston Harbor on the ferry. Very cool.

Great self picture on the ferry. Look how happy my dad is to be there! You don't know it, but we are freezing our patooties off. Somebody should have told us to wear our coats.

                                                     JERSEY SHORE
We got to meet up with my Italian sister, Diana, and her fam in New Jersey. We had a fun time on the beach and driving through the slums of Trenton.
                             Chillaxin' on the air mattress at Diana's house.

It was a great trip and we had fun at every turn. I love traveling without children. I highly recommend it. And a shoutout to my wonderful Hub who took a couple days off of work to take care of the Crazy that goes on at the homefront. Did I tell you he even took care of my roommom duties by decorating a teacher door? And that there was a nice crockpot dinner awaiting me when I walked in the door? He's awesome.
the end.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Rock

I love Mother's Day. It means spring time. It means another holiday in which I can buy stuff for myself and tell my husband he's off the hook.  It means school is close to ending and I can stop making my kids do homework. It means I get lots of cute pictures and crafts from my kids. It means I can try to guilt them into being kind by reminding them it's my special day.
But it's also a good time to reflect on all the good moms I know. My mom is Top Dog, of course. She has no match. I can only hope somebody will eulogize me someday and say I was somewhat like her.  Hub's mom is also a great mom. She schooled my man into being a great husband and father.
Then there are my good sisters and sis-in-laws who are also wonderful moms. And all my friends who do justice to the title. And my friends who aren't moms yet but are great examples to all the wee ones in their lives. Am I leaving anyone out? I just want everyone to feel the love today. Even if you take your mother's day picture on your front porch and your eldest child is being grouchy and stands a foot behind everyone else. (Isaac was immune to the Mother's Day guilt trip lecture)
Please note my traditional flower pot arrangement. Check in with me in July to see if it's still alive.