Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Derby Madness and Personal Mania

I was kindof whining the other day about how much time and work the scouting program can be as I'm looking ahead to Ethan starting next month. And some of the merit badge requirements are INsaNE.  But then I see what great things the kids do in scouts and Hub still is constantly sharing his scouting memories with us so I'm not really complaining. It's great. I just wish there was a scout nanny I could hire some days...
Anyway, we had our pinewood derby and Mitch chose this design after perusing a few ideas online.

We liked it because it looked fairly simple and we had run out of a lot of time to do anything complicated. Hub says it turned out to be more complicated than it looked. Something about getting the wrapper nice around the wheels or something? I don't know, cuz I just do all the OTHER scout stuff besides the car.
Mitch won 'best in show' which might have been rigged since I made each of his sibs vote for him. And then it turns out only the cub scouts were supposed to vote. oops. Just count it as another Bush/Gore election fiasco.

In other exciting news, Isaac's spring soccer season started. And Ethan starts in a couple of weeks. I know we're below our water needs but it would personally be great for me if we didn't have any snowy soccer games this spring.
And one a completely random note I will share something personal so you know I have struggles and trials too. One of my current frustrations is that I cannot master my boys Ripstick! I don't know how to wiggle the right way! Is it the hips or the feet or the legs? I even looked up youtube videos on how to do it right. And I still can't. It is hard for me to look out the window and see all these little uncoordinated children making it look so easy.  But I will conquer it. And then I will know that I can do anything. Maybe if they gave me a merit badge for it?