Thursday, January 31, 2008

The scent of a woman

BEFORE SCHOOL: This is my aggressive, sword and gun wielding 5-year-old

Mitch came home from kindergarten and my nose immediately went into overdrive. A very heavy odor had invaded my house. It smelled like someone had found all the old-lady perfumes and thrown them on my son. I went right to him and started sniffing like a bloodhound. His hair smelled mildly sweet but that was due to the mousse we apply prior to school so the girls will think he's cute. He caught me mid-sniff and said, "I know I smell gross, mom. It's the lotion Mrs. D made me wear since we're learning about smells."
Mystery solved. An object lesson of the senses. But why couldn't she have used a more masculine scent for the boys? Like dirt, or sweat, or beer (just kidding on that one, of course!)

AFTER SCHOOL: Once he smelled like a woman he turned into one! (durn kid refused to be my total prop as he wouldn't wear the pink dress I found for him)

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cold cocoa said...

Mitch deserves a comment. I do admire his hyperness. Does he have typical second child tendencies?