Friday, November 26, 2010


Hub started the day off with his annual mental breakdown where he goes and plays flag football in the frigid temps. There were only 6 crazies out there playing this year. When you have to wear 7 layers of clothes and your cleats don't fit with the thick socks you're wearing then maybe it's a sign it's too cold??

Another highlight before the Feast was when Ethan broke his bedroom window by tapping the ice on it with a metal horseshoe thing he had. We love him dearly but would be glad to send him away for a few years until the cause and effect part of his brain clicks in. We nicknamed him The Mischievator when he was 2-years-old and 4 years later it is still an apt name.

On to the big dinner.....One of the great things about coming from a large family is that there are enough of us to constitute a crowd even when most siblings are elsewhere. We had a crowd of 28 for our small dinner this year and though we greatly missed those who were absent it was also nice that for once everyone had their own chair at the table! My sis planned the deets and there were added elements of competition. Who can resist tackling others while hopping on one foot? Not me. Name that tune, hoola hooping, talent shows and games made it a fun family day.

We came home to read from our own thankful jar. I love hearing what the kids came up with  and how poorly they spelled it. Then we had our first video chat with my missionary parents and  my faraway sister....So despite the broken window and the other ornery moments (I really needed to tie some of my boys up due to their incessant need to wrestle each other) I have much to be thankful for. We're healthy, we're warm, we have wonderful family and friends and we're blessed with the knowledge of the true gospel in our lives. The slices of pie I had for dinner, breakfast and lunch are just bonuses.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Got All the Time in the World

Ugh.  A few weeks ago I berated my SIL for not having a blog. ‘It’s a great way to keep family and friends updated on important family events!’ I said.  She whined about the time it would take.  I countered with saying how you could whip out a post in ten minutes and you don’t even need to upload pictures or use cute/colorful fonts (though who doesn’t appreciate that?!)  Then I realized that I have been the most slackerish of slackers lately and those ‘ten minute’ posts  I swore upon haven’t been happening on my end because I have felt so busy. 
We had a sacrament meeting talk today about prioritizing our time and one of the points was that some people base their self-worth on how long their to-do list is.  So I am resolving to not brag about how busy I am. Or to whine about it.  Because either way,  we all have the same 24 hours in a day and are the stewards of how that time is spent.
So yeah.  I’m bringing back the blog.  Look at me now!  Updating you all on the fact that my fam is watching The Wizard of Oz (we have amended our Sunday viewing options to include musicals—genius on my part since we’ve exhausted our library of VeggieTales. Also musicals take twice as long to watch and make me feel like my kids are getting cultured!) We just said farewell to our wonderful weekend guests (former neighbors) and there are some wet snow clothes drying in our laundry room.  First big snow fall and Ethan couldn’t resist running out there in his Sunday shoes…..
I do have one more meeting to go to tonight, but I also skipped one this afternoon. See how I’m the master of my schedule already?
Hope this update was worth the wait. Sorry no pix or fun fonts. Next time, I promise.