Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of School

Don't they look miserable? They are very sad to have summer vacation. Even if they could have told you in February how many days they had left....
Isaac and Mitch had good teachers this year. They made thank-you notes for them and Mitch's made me laugh. It went like this:
Dear Linsey [her first name is Lindsay but I don't think she knew they were on a first name basis!] Your the best techer I ever had [he's in first grade. Don't let his kindergarten teacher get wind of this!] You are fun. Ill miss you. I hop you have a good class. Love, Mitchell

We had all sorts of end of year programs and fun. Below is Ethan. His preschool graduation was rather lofty. He had to say something about the French and Indian War and colonial soldiers. We had no idea what he was talking about, but he sounded smart.
Here is Syd proving that she can never say no to the trend of huge flowers on her head. Her blue tongue is medicine, not the purple popsicle you were going to accuse me of giving her.
And now we begin our summer plans. I have made a list of goals I would like to accomplish over the summer. On the list are things like learn a new language, teach all three boys the piano, become experts on the major wars, learn astronomy and identify the major composers of the Baroque period. On the more practical side I want them all to learn how to pump themselves on the swing, learn to jump rope past one jump, memorize the Articles of Faith and learn to love a vegetable. If we accomplish any of those things come August I will be a happy camper. But wouldn't it seriously be great if they became bilingual in a few months?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nothing like a potty post

I have asked my boys and they each deny it adamantly. They look at me with wide innocent eyes and vigorously shake their heads. Then they offer 'helpful' accusations and finger pointings at their siblings. Who then also deny it and shake their heads and finger point back. Then we naturally get into fistfights and the inquisition is over due to more pressing medical concerns.

What is the question?
Who the blankety-blank is missing the huge porcelain bowl when doing their bizness?? Every time I clean the toilets I have to save a Clorox wipe for the inevitable spot on the floor behind the toilet. Granted, I do not quite understand the difficulty of aim since I don't have the proper parts. But really. Seriously. How can you miss?

I do know that once I walked by the bathroom to see Mitch (yes, I saw him since it seems to take great effort to actually close the bathroom door. Like that extra push with the arm would take away a second of play time and we can't have that!) turn his body when he heard someone coming. And the WHOLE body turned, if you know what I mean. So I can seen how it can happen on occasion. But come on! Do I have to play potty monitor and crawl around the toilet after each use to find the culprit?

I must admit I like the idea that it isn't my kids. Maybe it's their friends. Or a stranger that sneaks into my house to use the toilet when I'm not looking. Yeah, that's it. There is a crazy dude running around the neighborhood framing my kids. Because obviously they have great aim. Just ask 'em.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Found in Washing Machine

Notes to Self:
**Remind children to empty pockets before throwing clothes into hamper
**Do not put box of raisins in Mitch's lunch bag again

Monday, May 11, 2009

This, that, and the kitchen sink

Life has been truckin' along. Here are some highlights.

**Hershey Track and Field. I think I was more excited for Ike than he was. Probably because he didn't know what it was and because I had such fond memories racing as a youth. He crazily signed up for the two long runs and did very well, though after the 400 meter he seemed very surprised that his throat seemed to burn.
Ike's second from the left

*Sydney has turned into a smiley more pleasant baby. She sleeps a decent amount sometimes. She was blessed a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed having family and friends support her on the special day.
She has Thrush which means several daily doses of medicine. No matter what fruity flavor they stick in those bottles, my smart baby knows it's no good and I'm hoping enough is staying in her mouth.

*Teacher Appreciation It wouldn't be right for me to not share my artistic skills every May when I get to decorate a door at the school. This year we had the custodian. I received a very strange amount of pleasure at taping real garbage on the door.
*Mother's Day Hub and the kids picked and planted some flowers for our front walk. Again, that is a testament that I don't really have a landscaping vision. I figure that if they grow and are under the assignation of a 'flower' then they're good enough for me. Two days later they are all still alive except for the one that Noelle dug up this morning.
I received several "Happy Mother's Day!" shout outs from the kids. Noelle was a little confused and told me Happy Birthday a couple of times. Mitch had stayed up late to finish a Mother's Day booklet he'd started at school and Ike was very excited to try out his gift of a coaster decked out in the BYU logo.
I had the chance to actually think how grateful I was to be a mother. My kids are a great blessing to me and there's nothing I'd rather do than be their mom.

*Other stuff has happened too. But speaking of my lovely kids, one is throwing LEGOS in a huge tantrum right now so you'll just have to miss out while I gently admonish him.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The most important meal

I am a victim of marketing.
I bought Special K because I remembered their commercials of fit, healthy women. And because the K looks so festive and red is my favorite color. And because it was on sale. Maybe that one should have been the first reason. Anyway, pardon my French, but Special K sucks.

I am not a breakfast person, but in order to maintain my nursing baby I am feeling obligated to try harder to eat some healthy meals.
Typical breakfast before baby: anything I could eat while driving the kids to school. This limited my options greatly so usually it was a cookie.
Typical breakfast now: old person cereal with a smidgin' of milk in the bowl to moisten the flakes. Usually it is Honey Bunches of Oats, but I was willing to try something new if it was on sale because I actually don't like the bunches part of Honey Bunches of Oats. (Am I picky?)
Enter Special K stage left.

One bowl is like eating crunchy air. No wonder they say it will help you lose weight. You surely can't gain weight if you aren't eating anything. Actually, I take it back. I think I would gain weight because in order to feel satiated I had a rice krispie treat and two pieces of licorice after my bowl of cereal. Maybe I should have checked the label to see if a serving size was actually one entire box?

I can't believe I'm whining about cereal. Should I just go back to my cookies? What do you eat for breakfast? help!