Friday, February 29, 2008

Cocktails on Me!

Every once in awhile I get the urge to organize my cupboards. This urge usually coincides with having my mother-in-law over or being in the nesting stage of pregnancy. However, the urge came rather spontaneously last weekend.
I love the feeling of getting rid of things. Plus there's that extra selfish feeling of service as you are giving all the stuff that is not good enough for your family to someone who will actually pay money for it at DI! However, in my euphoria of cleaning I made the mistake of consulting Hub on a matter. It was a crazy impulse--he is not in charge of the cupboards, I am! So why did I go to him? It probably came from someone telling me about an Oprah episode about including your husband in the day-to-day household items or some such similar Oprah-ish topic. So I blame any of you Oprah watchers on why Hub didn't let me put this in the DI pile:
the pineapple was my artistic touch, nice eh?
Yes, it is a wine cooler. It was a wedding gift from some funny friend. Or some not-so-funny friend. Or some old lady who was just trying to get rid of it herself. I don't know how we let it follow us for the last ten years as we've moved, but I know that we have never USED it. And barring any drastic changes of lifestyle will probably not use it for the next ten years. But upon asking Hub if it was alright to put it in the DI pile (maybe the Oprah episode was on not giving gifts away?) he said no! He thinks we will use it sometime! That it would be fun to have on hand! For what? All those nights we have a toast of champagne once the kids are in bed?
I didn't argue too much with him (probably another Oprah episode on keeping harmony in the home) and just silently dusted the box off and put it back in the back of the cupboard.
I guess if we were really fun we could just keep a bottle of Martinelli's chilled while we watch the kids in the sandbox? Or maybe just stock it full of juice boxes? Any better ideas?
So sorry, DI shoppers, you will have to wait awhile before this find makes it down aisle 9.


cold cocoa said...

Would Leon really know it was gone if you just quietly disposed of it? That is what I'd do. Or does he just want to keep it so he can feel like the fantasy is never too far away?

Holliann said...

A big thanks to Leon for saving the oh so generous gift that we gave you for your wedding!

Megz said...

Holli--was that really from you guys?? I lost track of all the re-gifts we got from everyone who got married before us! But seriously, want it back? Maybe for Reg's B-day!

Holliann said...

Totally not from us. We just wanted to make you worry. I can't remember what we gave you. I wonder if we gave you anything. I know we went. I remember what you gave us - a plunger and a rubber duck. I just want you to know that I did not get the plunger until last year when Reg was using it--take the plunge! I am hopeless when it comes to jokes!

Sherie said...

You never know Meg. I never thought I'd use the crystal chip dip set or the silver platter but just when I finally did find uses for them I accidentally shattered the crystal and lost the platter. Sigh. Maybe Leon's romantic visions will happen when the kids grow up.