Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special Days, lots of 'em

I meant to do a tender birthday post for Hub. But his Big Day was last week and there's an expiration date on stuff like that so you'll just have to trust me about how super he is. He requested strange things like carrot cake and he got some trail mix and V8 and jerky in addition to the dress clothes he needed. I don't know many people who would get excited about v8, but that's what makes Hub special. He didn't want a big fuss on his birthday and I had to gently remind him that he doesn't get a say anymore. Birthdays are all about the kids even when it's not their birthday, so they made him great cards and made sure he got plenty of play time. The next day we had a romantic time at the movies though Mitch was sitting between us (we saw The Lightning Thief with about 200 other of our closest elementary school aged boys) The C fam tradition of hiding gifts continues

The other problem with Hub's Birthday is that it is 3 days before Valentines Day. So I felt a little overwhelmed with specialness going on around me. We had to make two V-Day containers this year, do the Valentines for three classes in addition to the homemade ones for the grandparents, and then I got to come up with games for the parties in Ethan's and Mitch's classes. So by the time we actually had Valentines on Sunday I was a little over it already. Thankfully Hub got me some great treats to remind me the importance of that holiday. Ike and Mitch with their creative 'boxes'
And then there was President's Day! Another day filled with specialness. Like a couple loads of laundry and a trip to Walmart. I did educate the children with some details of Lincoln's assassination since I knew that would be the only part they'd really be interested in (next year I'm sure they'll be ready for the finer points of the Emancipation Proclamation).
Maybe next year we can spread some of these holidays out a bit better so everybody gets their own separate tribute post. Or at least Hub.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The "where we at" post

Unless you are blessed to talk with me daily, you may miss out on some of the fascinating aspects of our lives. So here is a little update on each of us.
4th grade. City b-ball started and he loves it so much that he went out and shoveled our court so he could get in some after school practice. What were we thinking pouring that cement on the north facing side?? Last game he informed us that he had an "all time career high" of 20 points. Can you tell he watches Sports Center daily?
He is a go-getter in denial. He refused to take piano lessons, but somehow hovered enough over Mitch's lessons that he has now surpassed him in the book.

2nd grade.This is Mitch's favorite spot in the house: anywhere the laptop is. He also really gets into book series. Since finishing Harry Potter he got Hub to read him the Percy Jackson books. Now he is into mythology and would get excited whenever he heard someone talking about Haiti. He thought they were saying "Hades" the god of the underworld. He is our resident goofball and can make us laugh with his weird words of affection.
kindergarten. Ethan loves school and learning new things. He also is constantly building with legos.

The other day he surprised us by putting Valentines up all over the house with his special perler bead creations attached to them.
He can be thoughtful like that when he's not busy arguing w/ Ike over dumb stuff. Those two...

3 years-old. Very into any make believe game: house, school, store, church, bus, train, doctor, restaurant, sigh. You name it, she'll insist you play it with her. She has made it through two whole Sundays of Sunbeams. So maybe the crying the second Sacrament Meeting ends will be over soon?
11 months. Officially now prefers walking to crawling. She also is partial to stairs. Still hates strangers, high chairs and bed time. Mitch told me her first word was 'Benadryl' (see what I'm saying about Mitch's goofiness?) but I'm pretty sure she is still in the ma-ma da-da stage.

ancient. After 3 gruelling (my word, not his) years as the EQ prez, Hub had a blessed few months calling free. Now he is in scouts and teaches primary. Add that to my calling and we really look forward to the nights where nobody has to go anywhere. Thankfully Lost has returned to the airwaves and mandated a weekly date night. The kids have to be in bed minutes before 8 so Hub and I can relax and share "What the-" moments because the show is so dang confusing. I highly recommend sharing a TV show with your spouse. And making sure you have a treat to eat while watching. There's my Dr Phil advice for this post.
There. And that's us in a very long nutshell.