Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're off!

This is a picture of Mitch and Ethan at Lake Powell last year. We've bought a week's supply of snacks and the really fancy spray sunscreen and we're off again. That means I won't have a post for several days and I hope you can all find some other source of enlightenment and edification.

And to clarify my last entry.....Many of you were impressed that Ike's scout shirt was already adorned with stuff. Hub gently pointed out to me that I didn't specify who had pain-stakingly hand sewn those patches. It was not me, so please no more credit. (Though apparently I was more than willing to accept it!) It was Hub. The true seamstress in the fam. If it was up to me I would have just hot glued them on.
Au revoir.
OHHH! One more thing since Cold Cocoa will be very distressed about my revealing that our house is unoccupied. We own nothing valuable. But in spite of that fact, we have a high tech alarm system and four ravenous rottweilers. And a tiger. And really observant neighbors who call the police a lot. (Thanks Summer!)


hOLLIANN said...

I hope you get this message - from a woman that goes to the pool every day...take back up sunscreen! My kids burn every time with the spray! So I do the lotion, and spray on top.

cold cocoa said...

You guys will have such a rockin' time, especially since you are looking at the whole trip with a blogger's mind.
And not only do you have the AS and dogs, but you have a front door that absolutely will not open or close, so that should confuse any would-be thieves.

T said...

I've always said that the way to discourage would-be thieves is to leave a big mess... of course I can never manage to actually do that because I couldn't stand coming home to it... so yes, owning nothing of value is second best... good thing you're so non-worldly and frugal - who needs color TV?
Hope you had a grand time and managed to stay unburned!

The Allreds said...

I rate...I made it on Megan's blog : ) hee hee
Too bad it's because I'm the psycho neighbor who calls the police...and last night I did make the comment at the concert in the park that I felt happy to see the Webber's there, as Bro. Webber would keep us all safe : )
That darn Little Caesars incident just threw me for a loop, after I was just about completely sure Payson is really the safest place to live, drat!
Hope you all have a wonderful time and come back sooo tan you'll have to explain yourselves...and you'll have an "exotic" excuse : )

DKAZ said...

Au Revoir...doncha mean Oh Resovoir-some people are so ignernt.

LC said...

I'm a glue kinda girl too--or staples.
Looking forward to the recovering from vacation blog next week...

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Have fun- I'm so jealous! Did you not need a nanny to come along? I'm super fun, and GREAT with kids!