Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're Back!

We've actually been back for a few days now, but there just hasn't been a quiet moment to sit down at the computer for more than two minutes. What you will be viewing is the first day and a half at Lake Powell before the camera died. We did resort to video camera footage for some of our other activities so if you really want an exciting evening, come on over and we'll show you the actual water skiing part.
We ended up in a nice little cove where you jump off the back of the houseboat and could swim or canoe to some exciting red rocks to climb.
Noelle was a little prissy this year and didn't favor dirty lake water. She would much rather wear her life jacket on the houseboat and point to the excitement than be in the water and create her own excitement.
This monstrosity is called a MegaStation. Water seeps in through a netting on the floor so you can keep your feet cool while lounging. The kids loved to climb all over this and Noelle actually liked it as well once we got her in it.
My youngest two boys spent some sun-less time playing My Little Ponies with their cousins. Please don't tell them that those are for girls since they were quite smitten with them.

And those were the pix. You didn't get to see Mitch and Ethan take turns water skiing with Hub. You didn't get to see Ike and his cousins climb way too high on a rocky cliff. You didn't see the huge cloud of gnats that came out each morning. You didn't get to see the jet ski drift off in the middle of the night (we miraculously found it the next morning). You didn't get to see Ethan having stage fright on the houseboat potty and not going for a full day (he gets his strong bladder from me). There are no pictures of how I only really had to bite my tongue once to prevent an argument with an in-law. And nobody drowned or got sunburned. And we still came home with Swedish Fish to eat. How much more successful can you get on a family trip than that?


Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Glad it was fun...should I assume now that I wasn't invited?

The Allreds said...

looks like loads of fun. too bad the camera pooped out! i was hoping to see your aerial maneuvers while Leon was on skiis...maybe next year!?!?

LC said...

I know about that bladder--not because I have one but because I married one and luckily my kids inherited it too. Can you also fall asleep anywhere anytime?

What could be more fun than skiing and swimming in warm shark-free water? Sounds like a blast and you came home with such great tans.

hOLLIANN said...

I am glad you are all living. If my kids were like Noelle I would possibly brave it, but until then...the ponies? Jaxon knows exactly who plays with those... Oh...and take it from a pro...not worth biting your tongue...have at it!

T said...

The ponies are the most fun when the kids find out that they have a magnetic hoof... I keep finding them perched on the refrigerator... the garage door... the corner of our walls :)
Glad you had a lot of fun - your family is all going to be super tan for the family picture and leaving the rest of us looking ghostly... Maybe we'll hit the river this week and do something about it!

cold cocoa said...

Surprisingly, they are still all white, so no worries.

Glad you guys came back safely. Isn't it good to have an annual week of adventure? And maybe next year you will spearhead the great family debate.

Sher said...

I'm glad your back. I missed all of those conversations during the week that I always wish we had. I'm kind of glad the family you grew up in doesn't have a live on the lake for a week tradition -- I'd have a nervous breakdown or something. Way to be adventuresome.