Thursday, June 19, 2008


Many of you questioned my choice of blog title. "All het up?" you'd ask, "What the heck does that even mean?" So today's post is dedicated to the education of many of you who are not very familiar with Appalachian vernacular. Het up can mean 'heated' as in, "Your younguns beans are done het up." Or it can mean 'agitated' as in, "We was het up when them city folks called us hillbillies."
I will now incorporate it into my mountain west dialect so you can see how it can be useful in our part of the world as well.
1. I'm all het up over my stinkin' big toe. I really feel like I deserved a miraculous quick recovery. I even ate all my vegetables the other day (which involved two carrot sticks, but it's better than nothing right?) But I still cannot put any weight on it and after standing for a while it starts to throb and get swollen. I am frustrated enough that tomorrow I will amputate it if it's not better. That'll teach it.

2. I was all het up that the first watermelon I'd bought this year had a mushy texture. Ike and I can eat an entire watermelon in one sitting and I am very particular that it be of good quality. I wasn't about to slice this one all up and would have taken it right back to WalMart if I didn't have big toe issues. And if the service center at WalMart happened to ever be a pleasant experience.

3. Speaking of WalMart, they always make me het up. 'Nuff said.

4. I get all het up over the campaign literature in my mailbox. Please do not kill any more trees to tell me how you can single-handedly bring down oil prices and fix the economy. I do not believe you. But you look very handsome in your photoshopped portrait. (speaking of which, did Chris Cannon get LASIK? Am I the only one who wonders?)

5. Somebody needs to get my dinner het up since we have early baseball games tonight.

See how easy that was? Now let's see if you can use it in a sentence.


T said...

no need to get all het up now meg - y'all can use whatever vernacular you so choose :)

don't get me started on WalMart' service department... I don't have the time or the inclination to get that het up before heading out to choir practice (the fact that it's occupying my thursday night is enough to get the blood a-boilin' a little...

cold cocoa said...

I totally knew it was just another way of saying something bad. I'm sorry about your toe. It really makes me feel for you. Summer is not a time to be het up on the couch when kids need to be spanked more than ever. Did I use it right?

hOLLIANN said...

Well, I am hetting Walmart, but for me it is the!

I am also hetting the Provo city swim lessons - why do I do them - the teacher is 7, and she is ticked that my kid can't swim...ummm that is why I have him in swim lessons...and why do they have parent teacher conferences at swim lessons. Please, they are only 2 weeks long.

Don't get me started on all the things I het.

LC said...

So sorry about your big toe!
What would really het me up is going to the Dr. for something like that and them telling me there's nothing they can do and then receiving the mega hospital bills and meager insurance contributions. I hope that hasn't happened to you.

Sher said...

I must proudly note that I already knew what it meant to be "all het up" but I liked your explanation. I would like to pretend that it never happens to me but that isn't exactly true. I get a bit "het up" at the self check machines at Walmart that make things faster but are always telling me that I didn't bag that item I just bagged.