Friday, June 13, 2008

single mama

Hub has been camping in Moab or some other hot place for a couple of days. Meanwhile, I have been doing all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, yelling, shopping, chauffeuring to swim and baseball, and disciplining all by myself. Wait a second. That's just like every other day. So what is different? Let me tell you! I get the bed all to myself! And I get the remote all to myself at bedtime! And I don't have to cook real food since Hub won't know that most of us don't like real food! And the kids are going to bed earlier since I don't feel guilty that they didn't have much play time with dad!
I have to focus on those little things because otherwise I will remember the bad stuff about him being gone. Like the bed is a little colder. And it really isn't that exciting to have the remote all to yourself when nothing is on that you would really want to watch by yourself. I even actually watched some of the playoff game last night just so I could use the remote. And there's not much satisfaction when your children thank you for the yummy frozen TV dinner you microwaved them. (well, other than the satisfaction that you didn't have to take time to prepare it or clean it up, which actually is a lot of satisfaction on my part so discount that last one) Plus, I really wanted to tell Hub about Ike's great hit at baseball the other night and that Mitch actually correctly fielded a ball to first base. And I really wanted someone else to get up with Noelle last night after she lost her yi-yi (binky, pacifer, brown, apay, or whatever you call it at your house) for the 9th time.
All that aside, we have been having fun as well. There were some other fatherless cousins around who were game for park play and the old slip'n'slide.
Tomorrow, I will gladly turn over the remote and all the children to Hub. Just in time for Father's Day.


T said...

yeah... same here, except that instead of making them go to bed early I've just let them stay up late with friends... having late night friend parties when Dad is here is not an option since when enough sleep has not been had there is a certain degree of whininess... and the kids are a little cranky too.

I have enjoyed the fact that we've served pizza, sandwiches and corn dogs the past two days and nobody has seemed to mind at all (okay, so the sandwiches didn't go over well)

Silly men who think they're getting Sunday off just because it's father's day... "letting" them leave was the gift guys!

cold cocoa said...

It's gone by fast for me....I guess it's safe to put on your blog because of that big bat you keep under your bed? That is sweet to know you miss your hub. The water fun sure looks like a good time!

Holliann said...

We are going fatherless, on Father's day...for a week! Wish me luck...and some thoughtful young women who want to come over and play...oh, and wish me happy kids...

LC said...

Why did I let the kids camp in my room? I had 2 in the bed with me and I got kicked all night long!
I wonder who is more sleep deprived me or daddy camper.

The Allreds said...

Hopefully Leon makes it back okay so he can REALLY celebrate Father's Day the true way...being a Father and doing EVERYthing for those precious little beings : )