Monday, June 16, 2008

Ode to My Big Toe

Oh Big Toe. Who knew how much I needed you? I betrayed you by kicking the shins of a girl made out of of steel. You betrayed me by bending backwards. Were you telling me I was too old to play soccer?
Oh Big Toe. Who knew that after that little incident you wouldn't appreciate me walking around the mall? I should have listened to your pain but my selfish desire to leave the house by myself (under the guise of Father's Day shopping) trumped your needs.
Oh Big Toe. I really should have not shown up for church and let someone else do the primary music. But I thought you could handle a couple more hours of my weight.
Oh Big Toe. Thank you for not being broken. I will take good care of you now. I will reacquaint myself with daytime TV and a cluttered house. I will learn to ignore the fighting children. And in 4-6 weeks you will return to normal and we'll go ahead and kick another shin and you will prevail this time.
The End.

****This ode has a very special meter that only the most advanced minds could appreciate.
***The above picture doesn't accurateley represent my Big Toe. I do not have gangrene. But I feel like I have gangrene, so that is why I used that picture. Us artistic types can use images as feelings rather than actual representations.


Sher said...

Nice ode. I'm glad your toe doesn't have gangrene and I hope it won't hurt soon. I really enjoy playing indoor soccer except when someone kicks a goal between my legs. That's kind of embarrassing. At least I didn't kick anyone with shins of steel! I hope your big toe gettest better soon.

T said...

With feelings of extreme relief
we see that picture full of grief
and thank Heaven that it isn't you
because Maryn was saying Ewwwww....

hmmm... I'm no longfellow obviously! Enjoy your time off

I once kicked a bicycle in frustration that it was once again left on the stairs connecting the house to the garage... and of course caught my toe on the gears... after that I have learned to not kick things

The Allreds said...

Soooo sorry to hear of your soccer woes...I hope you're REALLY taking time off of it to heal! I heard you talking to Renee about aerobics...ouch!
What did the gal's leg look like that you kicked? She probably had guards and left the game without any incling (sp??) of how hurt you were, yes!?!?
Do your kids think you're awesome since you have a battle wound?
Wishing you "normal" walking soon AND hoping you have nowhere to RUN for at least 4 weeks : )

cold cocoa said...

I do feel bad for you. Can you get a temporary handicap parking sticker out of the deal?

Holliann said... true sport of champions! And I was feeling so bad about my runners (hikers) have it way worse - and by the way, have you ever realized pre sore toe how much your toes get stepped on in a day?