Monday, June 2, 2008

The Anniversary Special

Hub and I probably have somewhat different versions of our Love Story, but since I am the one that does all the hard work on the blog it will be my version that goes forth today.

It all began at The Glenwood in Provo. It was the start of spring semester and the pickings were slim. I first met Hub when he was hobbling around on crutches visiting girls' apartments because that was the type of player he was. He became enamored by my wit and charm and the rest is history. The end.

Actually, we started hanging out in a friendly fashion. He had a handicap sticker due to his recent knee surgery so it was very convenient to have him drive us places. But then he started getting all touchy-feely and I had a missionary and it was time to give him the ol' heave ho. But I never had heaved nor hoed anybody before (well, not anyone that was actually nice and therefore would induce feelings of guilt in me) and I didn't know how to go about it. So my trusty roomie and cousin, Steph, took it upon herself to drive Hub away. I fondly recall her performing a modern dance for him. We were sitting in my apartment and she got out a grocery bag, crumpled it up on the floor and then danced along side it. This plan did not work and Hub didn't go away. But he did begin thinking my cousin was nutso.

Months passed and I couldn't quite get rid of him and so I finally decided to marry him. The end.

Actually, I started appreciating Hub in the ways I initially discounted as not being my 'type.' So what if he didn't really like to read? So what if he would rather water ski than attend a political rally? So what if he was funnier in private than in a big crowd? He was a sincere person, fun to be around and wasn't embarrassed about asking for discounts. So we got married. The end.

Actually, it took some more time before I started coming around. There was some angst on my part (isn't there always angst if you are female?) and lots of fasting and prayers. And one day I just realized we were meant to be (I'm pretty sure I coined that phrase). We ended up getting engaged at the end of January 1998:

This is us in my apartment on the night of our engagement. Hub likes to buy flowers; something I am finally convincing him isn't worth the price to me. (Have you got how I am such a romantic yet?) We had dinner at that expensive place that isn't there anymore and then he proposed at the Provo Temple and then we went to a dance concert at BYU with my sister Di. I don't really remember why we had to go to a concert with my sister the night of our engagement... but oh well, it makes her part of our story.This is our engagement picture. That's a rock behind me in the Provo River. Though it very appropriately looks like angel wings....

If you squint really close you can see all the family and friends who celebrated our special day.

And you can't tell but my face is saying, "He is going drop me! Why must we do these creative shots??" But Hub is a lot stronger than I gave him credit for. He can carry me and move lots of furniture without any help. But not at the same time.

So that is how it all began just in case you forgot or never knew or never cared to know. Ten years later, here we are: Four kids, a mortgage, a minivan and a Honda Civic with close to 200,000 miles on it. And I have the best Hub in the world. Happy Anniversary Lambkins! We are celebrating by taking a full day and a half away and are leaving the county! Yes, that was county, not countRy. We party hard. Bye!


Holliann said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't have anything rude or funny to say...all bliss! Enjoy getting out of the county...I know we did.

Reg said...

The whole family is just so grateful you took him and gave him a good home.

Congrats on 10 years!

We do wish you were still coming hiking with us though. Maybe next time you could plan your 10 year anniversary around our plans eh?

lkm said...

I have always said that Megz looked the most beautiful on our wedding day. She looked amazingly lovely! So how is it that she looks even better now -- 10 years later.

That has got to get me some brownie points . . . right?

T said...

look how young and happy you look in those photos - wait, you still look young and happy - you must be doing something right :) and yeah - leon gets brownie points for good remarks (what do you do with brownie points anyway? Is there a place to cash those in for actual brownies? Do they have to do with chocolate brownies or girl scout brownies?)

cold cocoa said...

That was good reading. I wish you could have taped the Steph dance.

Another thing- if I wasn't totally immersed in my own life at the time of your engagement I'd remember this detail more, but wasn't I with Diana at BYU? I remember going back to the Glenwood and seeing your cheeks flushed with excitement. Di, if you read this can you tell us what the heck happened that night and why would Megan squash her memories of me.

Back to you Megan and Leon. Congratulations. What a sweet and handsome couple!

DKAZ said...

I am wiping away the tears as I type. Yep that's the way I remember it. Your wedding photos are sweet. I remember your lovely reception too oddly enough. The recollection, not the reception. Happy Anniversary-don't hurt yourself leaving the county.

The Allreds said...

Just love those BYU love stories...ahhhhh!
So what does Leon buy instead of flowers now-a-days?? Isn't that all men ever buy? just kidding!
You'll have to let me know if there were any 20th ward visitors at your "inn!"
Happy Anniversary...on to the next wonderful, magnificent, splendid and memorable 10!!!

LC said...

Before you think this is LC bythe cute photo juxtaposed by this comment, allow me to disabuse you of that notion; It is I, BD, your favorite social worky bro. All I can say is: UNO: beautiful people just get more beautiful--you and Leon are proof of that--I hope that Leon isn't homophobic and that an eerie silence will greet our next conversation. DOS: Leon has some serious moxie asking for discounts whilst dating. I was not able to find comfortability in that task until about 8 days ago. CONGRATS BD

LC said...

What a great page in your book of life. We loved the read...and what a great couple. I always thought L was a super nice guy and genuine. His good fashion sense rubbed off on you. You look fabulous. I love how you can say it like it is and get away with it because of your humor--to use a BD've got MOXIE too.
Happy traveling!

Sher said...

I am glad that picture of everyone isn't bigger -- for purely selfish reasons. Der is like you in the flower department. He likes to buy real ones. I like cut ones because then it's not my fault when they die a few days later. I hope getting out of the county was all you had hoped for. Maybe we could ask Steph to recreate the modern dance at the next family gathering?

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