Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's been transpiring

I know all three have you have missed my blogging presence for a few days. So this is where I've been:
first, we had our anniversary getaway. These are the flowers Hub gave me despite, or in spite of, what I mentioned before. He assured me they only cost $3.00. He usually isn't the liar in the house, but in this case I appreciated it.
We went to the temple, where I had a little nap, and to the Parade of Homes and out to eat and shopping and saw Indiana Jones. Where I also had a little nap. I think being away from my kids must make me tired. It was just good to be gone and have some freedom. I highly recommend it.

We've had baseball and T-ball games most evenings. When they haven't been rained out anyway. This is Mitchell. He is a sneaky one and managed to hit twice in one inning. He also managed to stand like a statue in the outfield and not move a muscle even if the ball landed at his feet. This was driving Isaac crazy from the stands. Remember that Isaac will race and fight with teammates to get a stray ball. If there was a happy medium between the two.....

This is what Hub was supposed to be doing this morning. It was the Salem Triathlon and we were just sure he was going to take first place this year--Even though he's been so busy at work lately that he hasn't worked out for a month. But he drank a lot of Gatorade and that was going to compensate. But darn that rain. They cancelled the bike portion and were cutting down the swim length. This meant the triathlon had just become a weenie biathlon and what fun is in that? It was a bummer for us all since the kids love to cheer him on and I love to gawk at all the crazies who participate. He still got his T-shirt and water bottle so we'll pretend that is as good as first place.

Chuck E Cheese was the place to party for Mitch's 6th Birthday. His actual b-day is on Sunday and that is no fun (Hub tells me to stop saying this as it is introducing the stigma, but isn't it obvious that a birthday on Sunday stinks?) We all had a grand time. Mitch somehow scored on a machine that kept on spitting out tickets and Ike just kept on playing the basketball game. He had a few onlookers amazed at how many shots he made. Then he tried Skee Ball and had a minor tantrum because he wasn't scoring as well and returned to the B-ball game. Ethan and Noelle just did their best at trying to get lost and we redeemed our hard earned tix for some really cheap candy and prizes.

We've also been doing swim lessons and having playdates and learning Roman Numerals. And that's where we've been and what we've been doing. The end.


T said...

Roman Numerals are always good to know... at least if you want to tell time in the majority of my house - I have a question though: why is is that the 4 on clocks in sometimes IIII instead of IV??? it drives me crazy?

oh, and the rest of the week sounds fun - happy birthday to Mitch :)

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like the perfect year to do the triathlon!

Happy Bday Mitch. Eww...Chuck E Cheese. You are a good Mom to go there.

I was hoping you'd post a picture of you in your new sunglasses?

Holliann said...

Happy Birthday Mitch! I am still crying over the fact that i wasn't invited to the Chucky Cheese. I have still never been.

LC said...

Happy Bday to Mitch. Chucky Cheez is the best when you're a kid! The thought of going there now is not so fun. Good job Leo on the "triathlon." We'll look forward to seeing what cool t-shirt you got this year. BTW sign me up for that one.

Sher said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finally relaxes and sleeps through things when I get away from my children. I don't mind Chuck E Cheese but I only go with a friend and her kids because Der hates it. I liked all of the pictures to illustrate. You're impressive.