Sunday, March 9, 2008

Noelle's Hair Update

This is the side view of her thickening tresses. I had to include the action shot to show off her nice pout. Look out Angelina, there are some new lips in town!
I have received an onslaught of emails, phone calls, and prayers regarding this post and feel it is socially irresponsible to leave you all constantly wondering how Noelle's hair growth is going. The good news is that our version of acupuncture (really tight hand squeezes daily administered by Ethan) and a steady diet of Tootie Frooties and whatever discarded Halloween candy she finds under the couch have really worked wonders for her mane. We still don't have a lot of length, but there is a definite thickening. I am sure she will be doing Pantene commercials in a few short months.

I no longer am worried and can focus on more important issues like whether or not to buy myself a new pair of flats or espadrilles this spring. Maybe both? Rest assured, I will keep you posted on the results as I am one of those socially responsible people.

Noelle, looking very concerned about the state of her hair


cold cocoa said...

Wow- it does look like you're using some of that new foam rogaine on her. As for the shoes- definitely go with both flats and espadrilles. There are different needs for different deeds! That is my motto.

Holliann said...

Megan - that is why I like you. You make me feel right at home in the excessive worry department.

Sher said...

Noelle's Aunt Sher always thought Noelle's hair was beautiful and never once worried that it wouldn't turn into a full, long, super gorgeous head of hair. You have hair, your "Hub" has hair, so it was pretty good odds that Noelle was going to get some too.
What are espadrilles? I'm pretty sure my shoes don't have such a fancy name.

DKAZ said...

Wow, will ya look at that?! Ya, we can't decide if we're going to grow CC's out and donate it to lock of love-or just cut it off and leave it strewn across the salon floor like a dead animal. Also read your tooth ferry post and will kill two birds with one stone. Extraction deserves more!

Diana said...

i am going to have to google espadrilles cause i don't know what they are either

sweetnsassy6 said...

I could have only dreamed of having such hair when I was little. My kindergarten photos show a few little blonde whisps is all. By the way thanks for letting me know how to leave comments.
I think espadrilles would accentuate your already beautiful long tan legs. Do you think they will do anything for my postpartum whities?