Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There is a lot happening in the world to be concerned about. How will the Florida primaries turn out? Global warming--to be concerned or not? The economy, poverty, etc. But there is a matter that I am concerned about closer to home. Why does my only daughter barely have any hair?? Her three older brothers were not hairy babies by any means, but they warranted haircuts by the time they were her age of 16-months. I get ridiculed for constantly putting headbands on her, but it's a matter of gender identity and not vanity. Without her little bow she is mistaken for a boy!

Many have told me to be grateful that I am not combing snarls out every morning and wrestling hair into ponytails. But I have never been one to turn down a challenge----bring on the tender scalp screams, I am ready for some fun 'dos already!
(I've included front and back shots so you know she doesn't sport a really long mullet. And do you think her playing with a large-boy toy is resulting in her hair follicles being gender-confused?)


DKAZ said...

Your little boy is so cute! Why did you put him in a PINK shirt though? On another note, CC is ready for yet ANOTHER hair cut...sheesh! I'm getting tired of this already. It's expensive buying salon brand shampoo and conditioner for my one year old, but she demands it for her luxurious mane. We can't win Littlest Miss Arizona without it!

cold cocoa said...

There is a new store at the mall that sells lots of cute girl hair pieces and extensions. If you really are concerned, why not give Noelle some temporary hair until her follicles kick in?