Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Things To Cheer About

My last list was so fun to do, I just might go crazy and do another. Hold on to your pantyhose (as Hub would say it since he's so refined) and here we go:

  1. I'm cheering about the wonders of everything you can imagine being on the Internet. Even our piece of swearword dishwasher that is so old and cheap and probably not worth the imported plastic it was made with had a diagram and instructions for repairing it on the web. Though Hub was starting to get very excited about purchasing a new one (he is not extravagant when it comes to buying nice treats but he does appreciate nice appliances) I convinced him it was more economical just to order the 15 dollar part. I am very good with numbers that way. And hopefully in 3-5 business days I can stop handwashing everything.

  2. I'm also cheering about the fact that after years of my groaning and skipping pages at bedtime reading, Mitch figured it out. I overheard him telling Ethan during the book selection process that since dad wasn't home they had to pick a 'story' book since moms don't like the science ones. Sadly this is true. I have had my fill of all books dinosaur, insect, rodent, reptile, space, World War II airplane and military. Hub hasn't. In fact, he has been known to put the kids to bed and then return to the book for further enlightenment. So I am content reading the good fiction and he gets the facts.

  3. My last cheer for the day is that basketball shorts no longer look like this:

We have been watching a lot of basketball at our house lately and I don't think I could handle it if there wasn't that extra four inches of length. On a side note, Isaac had a moment of grief as BYU lost their game tonight. He realized that meant several months of being BYU sports-less in our home. He was mildly comforted knowing the Jazz seem to play year round, every night, sometimes twice a day (or maybe I just feel that way?) but it isn't quite the same. Maybe he can take up knitting or something?

And this is all. May you find more substantial things to cheer about in your lives!


cold cocoa said...

With leg muscles like those I wish they would leave the b-ball shorts short!
It's only fair their shorts are as short as the cheerleader's skirts!

Holliann said...

Don't move to Kanab! They still wear them, or maybe they are ahead of us on the fashion and they wear them again. I got an eyefull when I saw the 2008 season of Cowboys basketball. The picture was just...???

Sher said...

I always count on you for a smile and you never seem to let me down. If I had to hand wash dishes we'd have sandwiches on paper towels every night. It's probably coming soon too since our dishwasher can't possibly last much longer.

sweetnsassy6 said...

I will buy your legs if you throw in some espadrilles. Mine are pretty swollen right now.
Good luck with the dishwasher and I'm glad to know somebody else in the family swears too.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Soon you'll have other things to chee1!r about- among them, BYU spring practice has begun!!

Reg said...

Megan - I am logged in as Reg, but no matter - there are free tickets...,American-Gladiators,104.html
I smell the next family trip coming on. Happy Easter from me.