Monday, March 17, 2008

Week in Review

  1. Monday---paid $369.00 to have our furnace fixed.

  2. Tuesday---squared away the humongo dentist bill.

  3. Wednesday---took apart the dishwasher to try and clean it (don't ask) and couldn't quite put it back together again.

  4. Thursday---Paid for Ike and Mitch's summer baseball program. As I wrote out the check I silently prayed that I wasn't paying for lots of public temper tantrums when we don't hit as far as when we're practicing at home....

  5. Friday--Ignored the invoice from the auto shop where it said we needed a new water-something and we needed it quickly.

  6. Saturday--Family Easter egg hunt where Noelle's enthusiasm at being in the midst of the mayhem was priceless. (see pictures below)
  7. Sunday---listed my arms and legs on ebay to pay for all of the above.


What Noelle was trying to convey to her Mother (who was really only wanting Noelle to get her fair share): "You can't make me put this chocolate in the basket, Mommy. No, you can't make me pick up all that candy that is just sitting on the ground. I just want THIS ONE so LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

I admit I get a little competitive for these hunts. We have several practice sessions at home. But it's because we have lots of cousins, therefore lots of competition. These are my boys with their 'game face' on. Pretty scary, huh Bigger Cousins?

And thankfully the snow waited until the hunt was over to descend.


The Allreds said...

I think that your boys have had such exhaustive egg hunting practices that they may CONQUER if you take them to the city bash Sat. You aught to consider it!!!
Sorry about the bills, luckily it's tax season, does that give you hope!?!?

Holliann said...

I could totally take those boys. They don't scare me. Just call me Helga.

That is quite the new background! You are going all crafty on me Megz.

cold cocoa said...

It's hard being a parent who wants to eat the goodies out of the kids' baskets, isn't it?
Your background is nice. Where did you get it?

Sher said...

We were lucky because Dan was shown how to hunt eggs by his Uncle who was here visiting. He didn't know that some of the things he was picking up were fruit snacks or he would have wanted them opened right then too.
Nice new look for your blog!