Friday, March 14, 2008

It might be just me...

...but am I the only who loves American Gladiators??

We are spending lots of money on special cable channels just so Hub won't accidentally miss a BYU game. But there has been little benefit to me to have that luxury. HGTV--BORING. Food Network---BORING. Mostly because they have like two episodes and just rerun them all the time. But then I found my salvation. It's called ESPN Classic and it was airing all the old episodes of American Gladiators!
I loved this show when I was a kid. And I don't know why! I love it now and I still don't know why! And I am so excited just talking about it and using lots of exclamation points and I still don't know why! There is just lots of competition and cheese-ball commentary and really ugly spandex and that combination just must work for me.

Gladiator Justice, still managing to look fierce despite his outfit

They updated the show on NBC and the new version is fun too. The main difference is the gladiators look like they've used more steroids. Also, instead of looking like the show is filmed in an old gymnastics studio like the original, the new one has really cool lights and you fall into water a lot.

The whole fam can watch this show and we've come up with our own home versions of the events to play in the basement. My gladiator name is Blade and Isaac and Mitchell fight over who gets to be called Mountain.
So there you have it. A confession and obsession all in one. I think I could take on any of the old gladiators (why do I think I am so tough? Something to bring up with my therapist..) but I admit I am very afraid of this gladiator. Her name is Hellga. Or should I say his name is Hellga?

Hellga's stats say she is 6'1 and 205 lbs. But doesn't she look dainty in that skirt?


Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I'd like to say that it's just you, but it's not. I too loved it when I was a kid, but had no idea that you guys were even ALLOWED to watch it.

Holliann said...

I totally think you could take Helga. And I am talking with your eyes closed and one arm behind your back. I guess we all have our childhood shows that we love - for me it was the A-team. They have reruns on the internet, which is where I watch all my shows. I don't know why we have cable. If we can't watch it on the internet between midnight and 1, we don't watch it.

The Allreds said...

I like the new and improved water feature...that's way better than the old school version. I did watch it way back when but I have to say Am. Idol has me hooked. I was glad to see this week's contestant booted as he had "a past!" Haven't heard the commentary that has been playing out on the news since his removal but I'm sure it's contravertial! I keep rooting for our home-town UT boy but I'm not sure he'll get the votes he needs in this "harsh" world.
Sorry my comments strayed from Gladiators to singers...

cold cocoa said...

I don't get the draw. Maybe just because I'm shallow and like to watch pretty people if I'm watching tv, not grunting overly muscled wrestling in spandex people.