Sunday, March 23, 2008


Noelle, Isaac, Mitch and Ethan in their Easter fineries (we took it after church which explains the untucked shirts)
Easter weekend. Loved it. Glad it's over. Things got off to a bang with no school Friday so we partied like we never have before and had a picnic at a playground with some cousins. Since the sun was out we thought it meant it would be warm. But it wasn't.
Then we had our Easter baskets on Saturday morning and all my hard work shopping at Dollar Tree the night before paid off as I heard Ethan squeal with delight, "I got sidewalk chalk! YAY! I got sidewalk chalk everybody!" It was like he'd won the lottery. I love three-year-olds. So easy to please.
Then we took off to Thanksgiving Point with about 5000 of our closest friends to fight for a few pieces of Laffy Taffy at their Easter Eggstravaganza (isn't it great how the word 'egg' gets abused so much this time of year?) Hub had scored these tix from a guy at work so we didn't feel guilty leaving early. It was just too cold to wait in line for events my kiddos weren't too excited about. Like face painting. And sidewalk chalk drawings. (Hello! Didn't they know that Ethan got his very own sidewalk chalk??)
Isaac and Ethan at the fishing event. They waited in line for 15 minutes to get a very nice Easter sticker and tattoo. Which promptly got thrown into the bottom of the stroller only to be seen again when I get around to cleaning out said stroller.

So we killed some time at Cabela's before the next hunt. There is nothing like watching trout swim in those aquariums and seeing lots of dead animals mounted on a store wall.
Then we had our last hunt for the year at Grandma M's. After the kids had found all the candy eggs and money, Grandma remembered that she had boiled and painted 3 dozen eggs that she forgot to hide. I didn't tell her that my kids never pick up those eggs anyway, so there was nothing lost.
Mitch showing off his bag of goodies

Then Hub helped someone move in to the ward because that's just what he does best, I guess. And I got to go to dinner and our local beauty pageant with my friends and we had a rollicking good time. And in the middle of the night I got sick but had to get better fast since I had to play the piano for our Easter program and absolutely nobody wants to substitute for the primary chorister on half an hour's notice. So because I girded up my loins and went to church I was miraculously healed. I am calling it the Easter Miracle. THE END.

This is what happens when you let your 7-year-old take pictures. Sorry hub.


Sher said...

Those were great Easter pictures. I forgot to take any. You and "hub" are totally fun parents. Make sure you tell your kids in case they don't know. Just don't have them tell my kids all the cool things you do. Oh yeah -- we're fun too -- we let Kayli wash the car and Tia and Connor a mess trying to refinish Tia's bed. I wanted to fly kites though and I tried it for about a minute.

cold cocoa said...

Yay! The great unveiling of HUB.
Good; someone else posted a million pictures of Easter weekend. Look at those handsome boys with shirts and ties! Noelle's dress looks sweet. Way to put tights on your kid. I just can't do tights because then I'd have to buy white shoes and sandals are my sole summer investment. Even though I made the mistake of platform ones and their feet all slide down to the bottom. I never get the shoe thing right. Oh well. SOrry so long.

The Allreds said...

Glad to see the Easter picture of your kids. Sara told me how darling Noelle was and I said, "I never got to see her!" So pretty in pink! Yes, the boys were handsome too, but Easter dresses is where the fun is, right!?!!
Sorry you got sick, was it food poisoning?
The Easter program was great, I never would have guessed you were ill.
What did Mitchell have to share about class? I winged it, passing through the pages of the lesson while Nicole showed that movie in Sharing Time. Sad when teachers just don't show up...thanks for NOT thinking of me to fill in for singing time, that might have caused a stroke, you know my family history : )

DKAZ said...

Very nice post for Easter. A little bit of everything from dead animals hanging on a wall to a miracle healing. Cute little kids!

Holliann said...

You are quite the talented, busy bee. See, if all you can do is tie a cherry stem with your tongue, then it is not problem to get the 4 pm flu. And by that I mean the one that ends when church gets out.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Sorry I missed it all- mostly the pageant. Glad it was fun!

Holliann said...

I am anxiously awaiting your caucus review. And although I am sad I missed your beauty pageant trip, I was a part of one last night - like it or not!