Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miracles do happen

I guess nobody is perfect. Roger Federer, the #1 men's tennis player in the world for 52 straight weeks, didn't make it to the Australian Open Finals. I am still slightly stunned. Maybe the 38 million dollars he's won in prize money (does not include endorsements) will help him get over his loss in the semis.


cold cocoa said...

Man, with the (yawn) book review and this post I must admit your blog has taken a downward spiral. Where are all the juicy family life tidbits?

DKAZ said...

I'm with cocoa! I spent my Saturday with buyers who have wine bottle tastes on a beer bottle budget...the stories I could tell of 13 page credit histories. Now that's a post to blog about. But a book review-who reads books these days?!?! I mean if you're going to give a review at least do it on one of the best all time trilogies of this century-Stephanie Meyer's Vampire series.

Megz said...

Sheesh. Thanks for all the unsolicited blogging advice. I am trying to be diverse! And as soon as I find a couple more friends that appreciate tennis and books I won't need you two to be my only two commenters. And D, I have yet to read the vampire series since I haven't been to the YA section in awhile.