Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Craft Gone Bad

I was in charge of our neighborhood preschool group last week. Mind you, this group consists of all three-year-old boys so whatever lesson we are trying to teach them gets interrupted with lots of wrestling, hitting and begging for snacks. Often the crafts/activities we do are more to impress the other mothers in the group than to impart any real wisdom in the children as they tend to be unaware why they're there.
I was teaching about hibernation and went to a few great websites to find ideas. Whenever I do crafts with children (very rare occurrence) I have 3 requirements: 1. It must be simple, 2. It must be cheap, 3. It must be simple and cheap. I found a great idea that met the requirements and settled on it. Unfortunately the finished product didn't quite look like I imagined as you can see.
WHAT IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE? Two bears hibernating in a cave. The original idea said to use actual dirt and grass to represent the forest floor. But I wasn't about to dig through the snow and ice to be that authentic. And I thought the paper cup would look more cave-like and less paper cup-like. Oh well, needless to say, this is one craft that has already been 'recycled' at our house.

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cold cocoa said...

Looks about right. Isabelle all of a sudden started telling us about what really happened at preschool- the mean boy taking Ethan's toy, the fun of bears in caves, and how you didn't let them have water without manners first. I just trashed the puppet today so that wasn't too bad for that craft!