Monday, January 21, 2008

The Token Vegetable

I have given up. Why spend time and money on exposing your child to a variety of vegetables when they won't eat them? And then you get angry at the family dog, AKA Dad, for not eating all the leftover soggy veggies that have been marinating in the fridge for weeks. I have tried the tricks----turning vegetables into cute creatures doesn't make them more palatable for my children. They don't eat their toys (anymore) so why would a cauliflower snowman become more edible than the original form? Occasionally I can grate them into a sauce with nobody noticing, but eventually I am always found out--- "This tastes DIFFERENT, mom" in a voice which lets me know that different is not good. Or " AAAH! There is something GREEN in my spaghetti!" and we all know that nothing good is green.
So we have given up. For now. So with whatever wonderful dinner I have concocted I unceremoniously throw the bag of baby carrots onto the table as well. The one vegetable all four children can stomach. With plenty of Ranch Dressing, of course.


cold cocoa said...

Where did you get that picture? Nice. Thanks for introducing our family to frozen sweet corn because it is the only veggie we eat. Aren't veggies the worst?

rut said...

There's a lady at work whose kids eat and crave vegetables. She says she ate only vegetables while she was with child, and never introduced her children to any flavor but vegetables until later in life.

So, believe it or not, it's something.

Cauliflower is good. My mom used to put cheese on it. So that might explain a lot.