Friday, August 1, 2008

A night of culture

Usually I know I am the best mom ever, but every once in awhile a little doubt creeps in and I have to seek some counsel from Hub. This was the conversation the other night:
Me: Lambkins (you choose if that's what I really called him), do you ever get concerned that we haven't exposed our children to enough cultural events?
Hub: Huh?
Me: I just remember being dragged to choir, orchestra, dance and band concerts all the time when I was little. Not to mention the museum exhibits and plays. And look how great I turned out!
Hub: You were on the tail end of the family and they made you go to all that stuff because the older family members were performing. Our kids are too young.
Me: But shouldn't we start them young so they can get used to it?
Hub: You complain every time you leave the house with all four of them and now you want to take them to a concert????
Me: Good point. But are you sure they aren't culturally deprived?
Hub: ZZZZZZZZZZ (this is how lots of deep conversations end in our house)
I am one smart cookie and realized that my desire to have my children exposed to the fine arts doesn't really translate into taking them out into public and ruining everyone else's fine arts experience. So I came up with a perfect compromise. I let them stay up and watch So You Think You Can Dance with me.
We had a truly edifying experience. Ethan kept on asking why you have to dance in your underwear. Mitch tried to mimic a few breakdancing moves and ended up with carpet burn on his head. Isaac became distracted by the competition aspect and kept on wondering where they kept the prize trophy. Yes, I think it was a cultural success. Maybe next week we will try a different artistic venue. Like watching Don't Forget the Lyrics. Yessiree, my kids will be the most cultured kids on the block.


lkm said...

I sure hope I didn't start sleeping during our conversation because I am pretty sure I was driving our van at the time. Although, I do think the solution is a great one. Much less expensive and tiring then trying to drag our kids to some event and fighting with them so that it is completely unenjoyable.

Nice job snooky-poo (or whatever I call you).

hOLLIANN said...

Still laughing snooky-poo! Oh, and by the way, I thought I was the best mom. See Megan, that's why I like have an ego that can rival mine. This makes for a lot of witty and sarcastic conversations. BTW - let's try and get together before the end of the summer. This month is insane, but if we all suck it in...maybe we can squeeze something in! I'll have Reg get in touch with Lambkins

hOLLIANN said...

And Leon, I thought it was just my boring conversation that made you end in zzzzz's, but I now clearly see that you have joined the narcoleptic hunk club. Don't worry...all good men do. It can be used as a great defense mechanism. Ask reg. I think he has a 9 step program.

cold cocoa said...

I like how hubs called you out on your lie for your blog story.

I know how you feel about culture though. How about we have a night of art? Where everyone has a drawing on display and we dress up and remark on abstract colors and in Ike's case, violent yet emotional artwork?

shell said...

I found you off of Seriously so blessed comments. Your comment about your memory of TAMN made me laugh so hard. I had to come check out your blog!

Michelle said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one in the family who watches Dance and Idol and call them cultural experiences. I'm too embarrassed that I watch them so I don't vote, which would make me a true fan (exposure, you see). If we all came out of the closet I could vote and not be so angry that my favorites keep getting voted off.

T said...

Hey - if forehead carpet burns are the new symbol of culture I'm guessing we're right up there!

Taking the kids to dance concerts at our house only happens when it's our girls dancing (and the boys try everything to get out of it) - ditto with orchestra concerts (we actually let most of them off the hook) and choir concerts (I LOVED last year when we didn't have any singers... no hugely overpacked stadiums full of families that didn't want to be there either)

Keep it up Snooky-Poo... (yeah, I'll be laughing about that for awhile yet)