Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Olympic Thoughts

We have watched a lot of TV in the last couple of days. Normally I would not admit this since I strongly believe that TV is God's gift to moms and only to be used when Mom needs to shower or make dinner or finish a really good book she is reading. But I am not super clean and haven't made lots of dinners in advance so why is the telly on? Because it's the Olympics and we are addicted.

Besides the healthy dose of competition, you cannot beat the teaching opportunities for your kids. Forget the kids. Teaching opportunities for me! It was pretty pathetic how many countries I don't think I'd ever heard of came parading in during the opening ceremonies (can you say Burkina Faso?) Not to mention the Chinese history and geography lessons we are getting thanks to the NBC commentaries.

Then there are the sports. My kids love watching gymnastics and swimming and cycling and beach volleyball--it's good for them to see that sports don't just include baseball, football and basketball. (but on a side note, why do the women's beach volleyball team have to play in sport bikinis? They are constantly picking wedgies while their male counterparts wear loose shorts and tanks. Not fair.)

And you can't beat the cheering for the USA. We are raising some true patriots in our house.
So for now, our grass will grow long, our children will lose muscle tone (actually no, they have been practicing some gymnastic moves off the couch) and our books will grow dusty. But we are happy. And craving Chinese food.


T said...

I wondered aloud at why the women have to play volleyball in bikinis - making some statement about not wanting sand where those MUST allow sand to go. Of course, Trev just asked me "how would you know mom, have you ever worn that and played volleyball" Somehow that ended the discussion.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I too have been watching the Olympics, but not on the telly. Did you know that telly means phone, not TV? I learned this while watching the Olympics w/ a brit. OK, no, but did I sound like less of a geek?

The Allreds said...

Believe it or not we succumbed to our Chinese food cravings and ran to Tsing Tao last night. MMMMMM...they should get some good business in the next couple of weeks!
I sported a red, white and blue tablecloth for Sunday dinner tonight, so this patriotism must be running strong through our water around here!
Sara was really dreading the thought of the concert in the park due to dog sightings the last time and then when we were about to leave we noticed it was women's gymnastics and we almost gave in and stayed home until I realized taping it would work just as good! HOpefully something boring is on so we can watch the taped segments : )

cold cocoa said...

It doesn't seem fair about the women in little attire. After all, they have more privates to cover!

Do Chinese places around here really make the same Chinese they eat in Beijing? Isn't there a McD's on every corner?

LC said...

I love the Olympics!-- for all our pride about not having TV it really STINKS right now not being able to sit back, watch the Olympics, and let the house go pot.
(We went to BD's work to watch the opening ceremonies and yes what a geography lesson--some of those African countries were news to me!)

We've watched some on the internet except you just can't get streamlining fast enough to watch badminton.

LC said...

What the heck?! Is that ad at the bottom of your blog for me? I don't know if I can spare 49.95--we could just drive up to your place and hang out for a coupla weeks and watch.

Sher said...

I love the summer olympics but I'm doing a poor job of showing it since I only have watched the tiny bit of the opening ceremonies that we got during commercials for our Friday night shows and a little swimming. I'd better hurry or I'll miss it.