Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Apologist

I've been too busy to blog lately because we are busy still messing up our backyard. OK, maybe 'we' is a little too broad. Hub is working in the backyard while I keep him updated on the Olympics via the sliding door. Our neighbor brought over his bobcat and the kids were enthralled at the action from the sliding door

Also, I have been very busy doing Noelle's hair:

Her first pigtails! I know, I know, I should start my own hair blog on how to do uneven parts. But an hour and a jogger ride later her hair looked like this:

Should have used more product and maybe tied her hands together. Lesson learned.

There also was a fun family party at Stinky Feet and a fun Birthday party where I got to pull out all my acting skills and be a fortune teller and there was lots of Olympic watching. Did I also mention all the energy and time it takes to try a new parenting method on Ethan? His room is constantly getting torn apart since he changes outfits about 40 times a day. I don't get why the kid is in and out of different pajamas and underwear and winter clothes all day long, but I am sick of clothes all over his floor. Anyway, I am working hard on him cleaning up after himself.

But do you see how I have to give excuses and reasons for not blogging as often as I like? I do this with sales people and solicitors too. I just can't say, "No thank you" and leave it at that. I think I have to justify my nos with socially acceptable reasons like, "We just donated to another great charity." or "I have that exact pair of shoes at home already." (Yes, sometimes my excuses are lies!)

Hub was on the phone last night and I was so impressed and in awe. Someone had called to see if he could join a game of late basketball. He simply said, "I can't make it." And even though he had lots of good reasons for not going, he didn't offer any as excuses. The other crazy thing was he didn't think he needed to! Why can't I be that way? I know that we don't owe telemarketers any explanations, but do I owe friends? Or can they just be content with simple answers as well? I am getting so stinking deep on my posts lately that I think I just earned an honorary philosophy degree.


lkm said...

Why is it that Noelle's hairdo did not last long enough for me to see it at home? On purpose . . . or just Noelle being hair-difficult?

T said...

I always have a handful of ready excuses - because somehow "No thank you" doesn't work on the people who want to sell me magazines - the purchase price of which goes to benefit some worthy cause... And of course this year they start carrying the magazine that I always use as my "well darn, I wish you carried ______, because that's the only one I want"

cold cocoa said...

Very cute hair Noelle! And Ethan looked really cute in his long-sleeve shirt and gelled hair. Maybe he's the next Ryan Seacrest?

hOLLIANN said...

What is it about life the last couple weeks - it has been insane - I will also be posting about that...and excuses...I am wise on this one...people that will accept your excuse don't need one, as they will like you the same anyway...and people that wouldn't accept an excuse - no matter what...why give them one. How is that for deep. No excuses for me. And if you just don't want to go or do...that is fine with me too!

LC said...

Your therapist brother would be proud of Leon. He is a big believer in just saying no and leaving it at that...I on the other hand for some reason feel the need to rattle off reasons but Holliann is right if people can't accept NO, then ....anyway. We'll work on it.

Noelle's hair looks great. I could join in the uneven parts club too--yours looked fine in the picture.

Diana said...

excuses just keep the conversation going---salespeople never accept them! and i love how little kids like to change their clothes so much (except for the mess part). i actually kind of miss how dallin would go on bike rides in his power ranger costume or wear snow boots, shorts, and a belt around his t-shirt. and i am so excited about girl hair. i just got claire some hair clips! luckily they are very good at clinging to the thinnest of strands.