Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac with some of his Birthday loot. Eight years ago I first underwent the joys and grossness of childbirth. Then there were the months of screaming baby at night. We somehow survived and are just lucky that we've not had a baby that bad since.
Isaac had the fattest cheeks around. On his face that is. Sorry, this was the youngest picture I have of him on our digital library. He's four here, I think.

He probably made it to nursery twice without needing his mom and dad. Then we moved on to Sunbeams where I had a place next to him on the front row to make sure he didn't escape from there as well. Then there were the two months of Kindergarten where I had to physically drag him in the room and come up with all sorts of bribes and threats to make him stay. Fortunately, he gets braver every year so there are no worries about Mommy hanging out in the third grade classroom this year.

He is our artist and before sports came along, he could sit at the table for awhile and just whip out several intricate pictures. Sometimes he even gets creative and makes his own paper costumes:

Isaac is a great help around the house and is our only morning person (besides Hub). He likes to get all his work done quickly and leave the rest of the day for play. He is super with Noelle and will let Ethan and Mitch beat him up for a few minutes before he resumes his oldest brother status and reminds them who is toughest.
A couple of interesting facts about Isaac are that he learned to walk at nine months before he could crawl. He also eats and writes left handed but is right handed in everything else.

He is celebrating his big day by having sugar cereal for breakfast, going on a lunch date with his grandparents and picking a DVD for the family to watch tonight. He chose to skip a party this year and instead went to the new swimming pool with a friend (Tyler, of course). He wanted apple pie instead of cake and Ramen noodles for dinner. (Hub wasn't excited about that choice; obviously he doesn't appreciate how easy that is for me to make!)
Happy Birthday Ike!


cold cocoa said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! I still look at him and recognize his baby-look in his now mature face. I wish he remembered what great friends we were when he was a wee baby.

I wonder where he gets his creative artistry skills from? Does Leon draw?

Reg said...

Hey I didn't know we had another lefty in the family! You'd better give the kid something more than ramen and sugar cereal.

Happy Birthday Issac

The Allreds said...

What a fun day planned. Dream food and all!
Remind him it's MUCH better than a whole day in the car traveling : (
That top photo is great - he could sell basketballs with that athletic look and gear(what a model)! Good way to save for a mission, yes!?!?!

T said...

with dinner that easy it could be YOUR birthday! Happy Birthday to the big 8 year old... celebrate all day long and worry about the stomachache tomorrow :)

CC - he gets his artistic skills from his mom of course, remember the teachers' door?

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Third GRADE? I just got old. Happy Birthday Ike!!

hOLLIANN said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a good mom. That seriously sounds like a fun birthday...however - pie huh? Pie is sick. But yea for ramen and cold cereal! Two things I can really cook!

Michelle said...

The TC family wishes Isaac the best birthday ever. We are so excited that you are growing into such a fine young man. Good choice on your birthday dinner. We like pie better than cake at our house, too. T and E are leftys as well, and I play pool left-handed (does that count?). We hope you feel big and grown up now.

DKAZ said...

Wow, we don't know what this "ramen" you speak of is?? However, if you say you want "noonies" for breakfast, lunch and dinner I'd have it ready in five. So 8 huh? That's a crazy reminder of a crazy little past of mine...and I thank you and Isaac for sharing. Hope he had a great sugary breakfast, quick dip in the pool and yummy ramen and apple pie dinner.

LC said...

That was a fun way to get to know Isaac better. Kate wants to open a restaurant that serves Ramen noodles. She and Isaac could work on that together. It would be a big hit.
That first photo is a winner!

Sher said...

Hooray for Isaac. The girls remember that it was "okay", according to you, to get Isaac slobber on you (they'd say "ewww" and you'd say "it's just Isaac slobber"). Anyhow,
I'm glad to have Isaac as a nephew even if he still barely acknowledges my existence. Maybe I need to volunteer to play sports with him?