Monday, January 4, 2010

Making the most of the climate

Over Christmas break we had two of the most beautiful sunny days to actually enjoy the snow. Here are some of my excellent photos combined with descriptive captions for your viewing pleasure.
Big bro and fam building big snowman in field

Syd believes it is never too cold for a ride down a slide

wouldn't be Christmas break without being pulled behind a 4-wheeler w/ the cousins

SLEDDING BEHIND OUR HOMEEthan trying to convince Syd how great snow tastes

pulling kids constantly up a hill means no need for that Jillian Michaels DVD

Mitch still found a reason to have a tantrum in the midst of a fun sledding trip

evidence of my Birthday cake on Noelle's face


stephanie said...

Happy Birthday again! Your snow adventures almost made me want to go in the snow myself.

LC said...

a snowy background and those colorful chunky snowsuits make for some fun photos.

Yeah, we WANTED to be at the party but darn it for sickness. We made it through all the other holidays but missed the most important one ;) We still had Chinese and played our own games...but it just wasn't the same. Did you get anything stylish on your shopping trip?

cold cocoa said...

Looks like you guys know how to have a good time! Now why didn't you show off those legs in those new foxy boots?

The Allreds said...

I think Syd's photo on the slide could make it into a calendar...precious!
My guess is that you got a choc. birthday cake. Loved Noelle's brown smile!
What beautiful snow - our frost just doesn't cut it, especially when I have to scrape it off my windshield!
Hugs to you all!

DKAZ said...

Where did you steal that cute little girl covered in pink? On the other hand, who was the ice queen pulling the kids?

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Hilarious! Great pics...and Happy late birthday!

T Daley said...

Love Noelle's picture, she is so cute! And Happy Birthday to you, sorry I missed it. I hope it was great.

I was going to comment on how great you look....I should start pulling my kids up a hill!!!

jaredandgina said...

Hey Megan,

I am so glad you wrote on my blog so I could find your blog. Your kids are so cute. I haven't really seen them or been around them so it is fun to see how big they all are and how much they look like Leon.
Hope you guys had a good Christmas! Tell everyone hi!

Lady Di said...

Why are all the close-up shots of the girls? I think you accused me last year of taking more pictures of Claire than the boys but seems that was the pot calling the kettle black...

hOLLIANN said...

Merry Christmas! And Happy New year! We puked through the WHOLE thing!