Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tra la la

Here is a test for all of you who wanted a second chance to improve your SAT score:
1. TRUE/FALSE A doggy whistle is to a dog as Sydney is to her family.

Answer: duh.
This sweet babe of mine has learned to project her vocals in ways that would make true sopranos green with envy. Hub, who has very delicate ears except when it comes to some of his i-tune selections (Hub voluntarily listened to Willie Nelson today! This made my innards go berserk. I cannot stand the man's warble. This would have resulted in a serious musical discussion but as Hub was doing dishes at the time I thought it best to let him finish his task. I'll bring it up later when he's not so anxiously engaged in my housework), is ready to have her vocal chords surgically removed.
Mostly the screech occurs in the high chair when the desired food is not put into her mouth in a timely fashion. But it can also occur when she should be sleeping peacefully. Or when something is taken out of her possession that might maim her. Or whenever the H she feels like it. (that's not swearing, is it?)
I think it's directly attributed to the fact that she is our only child who didn't accept a pacifier/plug. She has more opportunities to practice her octaves. Our home has also gotten exponentially noisier with each additional child. It probably does take extreme measures to be heard around here.
Meanwhile, if the dogs in our neighborhood start howling you'll know Syd's just conversing. Please tell me she'll grow out of it and become a nice throaty alto by time she's 1!


T Daley said...

Oh Meg, you make me laugh! I love the picture of her... she just looks too sweet and innocent to cause any sort of trouble :)

Look on the bright side, if she keeps it up maybe you will lose some of your hearing and you will become deaf to all high pitch sounds.

The Allreds said...

I thought you were going to announce that you added a dog to your household.
Poor little Syd...too little to defend herself, I'm sure her squeal is fun to hear for people who don't get to hear it ALL the time : )
I thought country (period) wasn't allowed in your to hear that Willie Nelson was heard was a shock!!! That's probably why you don't like country M! Rascal Flats and Lonestar are much nicer on the ears!
I can only imagine how hard it is to hear each other...this morning J and I were trying to converse between two rooms and my TWO kids made it impossible for me to hear any of his responses on the 1st try! whew, talk about patience!

cold cocoa said...

Why did you have to post the Sydney picture that has snoozies coming out of her nose?
Just get used to the horrific sounds. The binky connection must have something to do with it, because Olivia is our screechiest and she is still going strong at 4, darn it.

stephanie said...

Willy Nelson? Leon and Kyle would get along nicely.

Pj can make horrific sounds as well. Maybe we should start a baby choir.

Matt and Cristina said...

If your home gets exponentially louder with each child, I'm in trouble... It would be hard to resist that cute face, with or without the screams.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Bad news...I was my mom's loudest child. And I'm now her (and everyone's) loudest adult.

Sorry bout that...

Harmony said...

umm..I would love to tell you that she will grow out of it by the time she is one, but my one year old is doing the same thing! We call her our little fire cracker. Its SO loud!! I am hoping by 2 she grows out of

Michelle said...

I have discovered that the screechiness does not improve when they gain a vocabulary. At least you know what they want when they screech the words at you instead of just the noise.

hOLLIANN said...

Like I always say, "If you have something to say, you should say it loud!"

I think we are about due for our annual visit? Out to dinner soon?