Thursday, January 21, 2010

Silver Lining

I encourage my children to share. And this is why various members of the fam were sick off and on for over a week now. Lots and lots of germ sharing going on over here. The Clorox wipes and Lysol spray did nothing but provide a false sense of security before the next person got sick. You can really get down when there is so much bodily upheaval going on around you (I like me some good sick euphemisms) but I was looking to make lemonade out of the lemony week and here's what I came up with.
* I went to Los with my good friends for a belated Birthday dinner. (sorry you missed it R!)
*We watched enough Disney channel to own stock in the company but the distraction sure helped.
* The library called and actually bought one of the books I requested! I thought they were just humoring me when I filled out a request form. It was a Dumb Bunny childrens book by Dav Pilkey in case you wondered. But now I know that my tax dollars can really be used to buy books I'm going to be filling out lots more forms.
*Nobody was sick for SEPs, though I don't think I would have minded missing those.....
*Speaking of SEPs, Mitch's teacher said he hasn't been burping in class anymore. We're so proud of him!
* Hub's got a career waiting for him in nursing. He took care of us like a champ.
And probably the most exciting thing of all that happened last week-----get ready for it----I'm talking HUGE--------Like winnning a trip to Disneyland huge-------
* I discovered one last Kara Mint Truffle leftover from the Christmas candy!!!!!! It was like a Christmas miracle a month late.
So take that Mister Germs. You're going to have to bring on some bigger guns (Smallpox maybe?) to get me down.


stephanie said...

Congratulations to Mitch for overcoming is need to release air in class.
Hooray for the last treat that is always such a great surprise.
I am glad you all are feeling better.

BTW, I have an issue with the whole lemon thing. Lemons are great. I think the saying should go "when life gives you lemons put it in a diet coke"

big8smiley said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you had a "great" week ... sorry about all the sick. We got that last Monday night. Alex arnd Nathan kept us up all night while they upheaved at will.

I'm thinking that now you have Mitch trained, he could come over and teach Nathan a few tricks in the manners category. Heaven only knows the complaints we'll get once he starts kindergarten.

A mom can always use a truffle. Especially a SURPRISE truffle! I hope things are going better for you now. :)

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

So sad I missed the dinner, and even more sad (or trying to be- I love Los) that you were sick.

Steph- love your comment...hilarious!

The Allreds said...

after reading other people's blogs and facebook comments about illness I have really given thanks that we haven't all gotten sick at once or one by one.
a little runny nose here and there but nothing to complain about. maybe since we're not surrounded by cold, white stuff (we are however missing it and YOU!!!)!??!
hope you can all stay healthy, repeat offenders don't make for a happy (mom) camper!

cold cocoa said...

I think a false sense of security goes a long way, myself. What did we do before Clorox wipes? Those are so handy.

LC said...

I hope someday you all get to go to Disneyland with your pockets full of Kara's chocolates!

T Daley said...

Sorry you guys were sick, NO FUN! I am glad you are all feeling better, and hooray for the Kara's mint... love the small things that keep us going :)

T Daley said...

Sorry you guys were sick, NO FUN! I am glad you are all feeling better, and hooray for the Kara's mint... love the small things that keep us going :)

Michelle said...

Changing a diaper whilst revealing my innermost thoughts to the plumbing is among the worst moments of my life. I do not envy the illness. Hope the weekend is better.

OMG said...

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