Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's next?

The fun has been had. Now Ethan wonders what holiday is next. My birthday wasn't a satisfactory answer. Neither was Human Rights Day. It is sad to say goodbye to a fun holiday season. But I'm all about moving on. So yes, all our decor is packed away. Don't judge me---I know you just disguise your jealousy of my lack of seasonal clutter by calling me a scrooge.

The new pjs.

And bless those of you who do Christmas cards and newsletters. I actually enjoy a good newsletter. After all, isn't that just like printing out your blog but in a bathroom-readable format?
Here is the darling photo of the kids that would have gone on the Christmas card we didn't send. Again it makes me wonder how everyone else gets all their children to look photogenic with props and matching outfits and Santas in the background...seriously. Do you drug your kids?

my favorite of the girlies (dresses courtesy of Auntie T who bought them a year in advance. The sizes actually worked!)
To sum it all up: we had a great Christmas. Everyone was cheerful for the most part. We endured/enjoyed a million parties though we still have one more to go. Hub got his fill of assisting boys with Legos and 3-D puzzles and I got my fill of keeping Syd and Noelle out of Legos and 3-D puzzles.
Ike set a Santa trap that didn't work (he placed a bell ornament precariously on a limb so when Santa bumped it the bell would fall, thus waking Ike up---the flaw in the plan occurs because Ike's room is in the basement far away from any tiny jingle noises) but I'm really thinking we're close to the end of the Santa illusion with him. Sad.
We forgot to make any cookies (I'd made too many various batches in the weeks prior) so we left Santa all that we had lying around--some stale pancakes. He didn't mind them one bit. And nobody dug too deep in the garbage to discover otherwise.
Anyway, it is sad to say goodbye to such a fun time of year. But really, who doesn't get excited about Human Rights Day?


cold cocoa said...

Isabelle asked the same question last night and I skipped over all those super-fun holidays including your day and went for V-day. Those are the coloring pages we'll be printing out nonstop for the next month. Sad...
Your kids are cute, very "real" should we call it?
Now I've got to remember to take pics of the kids with their loot. I forgot that.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

So cute! Merry Christmas! I intended to make it out to your and Steph's houses over the holiday, but I got sick. I figured you wouldn't want me around the kids with the sickness.

Hope to see you soon!

stephanie said...

I love the little girls in their christmas dresses.
What about new years eve? Isn't that a grand holiday?
Our decorations are down too. I love to put them up and love to get them down after Christmas.

LC said...

Kwanzaa is next. That's what!

Kate like Ike is trying to solve all the Christmas mysteries at our house. Next year Santa will have to be ultra sneaky.

Cute dresses!!

Anonymous said...


Matt and Cristina said...

Your kid's smiles are pretty photogenic if you ask me... priceless, really. I'm glad you guys had a Merry Christmas. Stale pancakes aren't so bad with lots of syrup.