Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We are back from the Big Reunion and I have just about got life back in order. I am so self disciplined I didn't allow myself frivolous blog time until I had paid all the bills, done some laundry and bought some new shoes online. I'll share some reunion photos later--it's just so hard to decide which ones will make the cut. But for today I will share an Ethan moment. Mainly because he just spent an hour and a half eating his one packet of oatmeal and he kept on escaping from the table and I kept on yelling at him (in a loving way of course) to get back and finish his bleepedy-bleep breakfast before the eating disorder counselors were called in.... so I needed to remind myself of some of his more endearing qualities and here is I a funny little story I'll share.
The other night Ethan and I were cuddling. He is our best cuddler by far. But maybe cuddling isn't the right word. He is more of a climber. He likes you to hold him while he tries different climbing positions on your body. Anyway. I patted his little tushie and thought it felt a little more firm than I remembered. I patted again and felt an extra waistband where his underwear was.
Me: "Ethan, are you wearing two pairs of unders??"
Ethan: "What? No! I'm wearing waaaaay more than that! Count them!"
Me: "One, two, three, four, five...Five! Why the heck are you wearing five pairs of unders?!"
Ethan: "I don't know."
The end. He did end up removing four pairs before bed that night after I convinced him he would get a sweaty bum.


hOLLIANN said...

Oh that bleepety bleep lawn mower voice rears its ugly head...thanks to the oatmeal!

That is funny, and of course ethan know why 5 - one for every play day of the week!

hOLLIANN said...

BTW - welcome back to blog land - it was a long week without your funnies!

T said...

H did that once... and I (being the kind of mom I am) took pictures before making her remove a few pair (she stopped at 3 though... Ethan's a real go-getter isn't he?).
Why don't kitchen chairs come with seat-belts... the kind that are nearly impossible to remove without parental help - by the time I get M to finish her meal (or at least a reasonable portion thereof) we've both burned off all the caloric content!

cold cocoa said...

Considering how big you buy your boys undies he must have been one saggin' grandma.

You should try the new cookie cereal. I'll bet he'd gobble it up. Or why not hostess donuts in milk?

Megz said...
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Michelle said...

Ava did the same thing the other day except she put on all of Bennett's clean unders, not hers of course. Not being potty trained, she wet in them before we noticed. Yeah for laundry day.

LC said...

Very funny Ethan. 5 pairs!
Don't kids think it's funner to wear zero pair?

Reg said...

I'd take five pairs over zero any day.

You know the line at our house when instructing the boys:

Whatever you're going to do, do it with your clothes on!

The Allreds said...

go Ethan, with a face (not to mention voice) as sweet as yours I can't believe your mom would struggle with anything you do!?!?