Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A title to beat all titles

There really is no adequate title for this post. That is truly the hardest part of a blog.
Moving on....we had a super Easter. Noelle consumed her candy and tried to consume everyone else's in a matter of hours. Wonder where she got the sweet tooth?

Above is Syd helping put away the baskets. She didn't seem to care that she only got a package of mac and cheese. She did get some sugar intake by default as her sibs can't seem to dump a box of Nerds in their mouths without leaving a few morsels on the floor.

And speaking of Sydney....she is in that awkward hair growth stage. Bangs a little too long for bangs, but not quite long enough to be grown out. Thus, I introduce The Unicorn.

If we position her at the right angle in front of the TV we sometimes can pick up HBO.

And in case you were wondering why we have the ugliest dining room table in existence, it's because we have an Ethan in our home. 99% of the scratches and paint on our table are from him. The latest was when he got a grand idea to use a Sharpie to draw a smiley face on his napkin and it obviously bled through. After trying lots of things to clean it off I kind of have accepted it. It looks like the kind of face you'd want on your dining table. The kind of face that might actually eat vegetables and whatever else is set before it. I might keep it around just to buoy up our dinner time spirits over here. In fact, you may want to borrow Ethan's artistic skills for your own tables. I'll rent him out and all proceeds will go towards purchasing a new table for me to enjoy once all our kids have grown and left the home.


cold cocoa said...
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Nicole said...

I love Syd's hair. I think she looks cute with her hair like that.

Nicole said...

By the way, have you tried alcohol on your table? Or a magic eraser? I'm trying to remember some things I've heard of using to remove permanent marker.

Matt and Cristina said...

I love your titles...I agree that is the hardest part about blogging sometimes. Magic erasers work wonders on crayon scribbles, not so sure about the sharpies. Glad you survived Easter and the sugar highs that come with it!

hOLLIANN said...

Still laughing! That is too funny...and just wait until Ethan thinks he knows how to spell naughty words...I have seen a table with "dirk" scratched in it. That is all I will say :)

stephanie said...

that is a beautiful table drawing. I am sure I have some drawings on my wall that would go great with that.

Syd's hair is cute!

T said...

maybe he will grow up and be a famous artist - and attribute it all to you for being so supportive that you kept the smiley face on the table? (and be so rich that he'll give you wonderful gifts...) that would make up for the smiley... maybe for Christmas this year you need a nice tablecloth? (hmmm, hope we have you!)

LC said...

Sharpies and nail polish are a parents worst nightmare.
Cannon decorated one of our living room couch cushions with a marker.