Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Various Items of Excitement

In no particular order (especially since I am too lazy to rearrange the downloaded pictures to make an accurate timeline...) here are some exciting photos of recent items in our life.
The above picture is Hub and I exercising our greed in a family Easter egg hunt. It's OK to be greedy when other adults are doing it and when there are treats and money involved. BTW, it is very exciting to have a hunt in a field with lots of weeds and farm equipment. Fortunately I didn't see the news story about an outbreak of Lyme disease until later that night...

Syd and Noelle playing with their babies. I can't get over how girl play is so much more nurturing than boys. Not once did their babies fly across the room and crash into anything and there were no explosions involving lots of spittle. Bring on the babies!

Ike and Noelle posing after the Rocket Derby we had in in lieu of the Pinewood Derby this year. I'm not sure how it went since I had to attend the caucus that night and left Hub there with all the kids. And they were ornery. So his report of it being not as fun may have had a biased slant.

And can you say Hello YELLOW? We painted our kitchen after years of being content with a boring-but-safe cream color (actually called Toast of the Town just so you wouldn't believe it was too boring). The yellow is a lot more dramatic than we thought we were doing, but we're used to it now. Or rather, we are pretending to be used to it because after 12 hours of having our kitchen in shambles there is no way we are re-painting for another ten years. (and for the record, the above picture does no justice to the brightness of our new walls. Trust me!)
We're prepping up for another grand conference weekend/Easter. I must admit I prefer my special weekends a bit more spread out, but we'll make do. The bonus is that you don't have to buy any extra treats if the kids have their baskets handy, right?


cold cocoa said...

wow- that yellow looks just like ours does, at least in this light. So don't dis it! I bet it makes your whole family cheery at dinner time, doesn't it?
Won't it be great to eat Easter candy whilst watching tv all weekend?

James Allred said...

come across any snakes on your egg hunt? probably too cold still, right!? dollies are the best toys ever invented...glad Sara still likes to dress hers and take them wherever we go.
hard to believe Easter is here, not quite ready for that one. I'm ready for Conf. since I had to get an Act. Days activity prepared about it. packets are just waiting for the kids to fill them out!
yellow is a fun color...haven't used it yet, I wanted to do our washroom closet (in Payson) that color and never got around to moving the appliances to make it happen. hope it cheers up all those meal time gatherings!!

James Allred said...

somebody's been playing with MY computer - James isn't stalking you, I promise!

hOLLIANN said...

Little Noelle is so cute. I am so proud that your babies have clothes on, and I hear you on that safe cream color!

And Meg, if I might blaspheme on your blog, I missed my caucus. After 15 years. I just couldn't do it this year...life was too crazy! There is always 2012 right?

stephanie said...

The yellow looks good from the photo.
I can't believe how old Syd is getting. She is supposed to be a baby still. I don't know if I am biased but your girls are darn cute.

I can't wait until it is me snatching up all the easter eggs. Good times!

Matt and Cristina said...

I love yellow! My kitchen and front room are yellow too. An adult Easter egg hunt sounds great, especially if there's money involved. Heck, I'd still come if they gave out Easter treats. Reeses peanut butter eggs and Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite!

Sher said...

Well if we're all confessing which rooms are yellow in our houses -- it's my bedroom and I like it. I hope you'll end up really liking your yellow instead of pretending. Nice commentary on greed:)

LC said...

Were we painting yellow rooms on the same day?
That's what the girls wanted for their basement bedrooms and I am with you on not wanting to paint for another 10 years!
Way to take a bold move on the color scheme. Sunny days every day in your kitchen!

DKAZ said...

My comments (in no particular order): Instead of dying Easter eggs, you decided to your kitchen walls-cute. Reminds me of Lemon Custard from Nielsen's.
I like how you chose the one pic of you hub hunting for eggs and not any of the 20 of you wrestling people to the ground for your beloved eggs. Have you found that your girls turn anything into families...nuts, dominoes and rocks.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I love your sense of humor. : )