Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oldish News

Some important family events occurred recently. Mainly that Ethan celebrated his 6th Birthday. He wanted breakfast in bed. He received a bowl of scrambled eggs with about 1 cup of Ketchup mixed in. He was a happy camper.

Noelle demanded  breakfast in bed too. We let her so she and  Ethan could keep each other company. Seriously, if you don't read the paper or have a TV wouldn't breakfast in bed be a little boring? Unfortunately, they kept company so well together that little breakfast was eaten and lots of jumping on beds happened. Breakfast in bed is a tradition that started and died all on one day...
Hub had a great idea to do a lot of spring cleaning over Spring Break. He made a massive list with the promise that once it was completed, we would enjoy a family trip to Pirate Island. Then he went to work the rest of the week.......So the kids and I worked hard to complete the list and we enjoyed our time at Pirate Island. Though waiters dressed up as pirates were not a pleasing novelty to my young daughters. And it made me feel like I had to tip more just because they were in costume and I felt sorry for them.
 Back to the Birthday since I'm about to curse moving these pictures around....Did I mention that Ethan had a LEGO party for his Birthday? It was a good time. He also lost 2 teeth recently. That doesn't have anything to do with his party, but I thought I'd throw that out there.
And with the coming of spring is the desire to be outside all the time. Poor Syd thinks if she grabs her sandals and bangs on the sliding door somebody will have pity on her. Usually it's not me.
The End.


stephanie said...

eggs smothered in ketchup. He definitely knows what is good.

as hard as it is to imagine some people like to dress up in costume. Think of that next time before you leave a bigger tip.

cold cocoa said...

Ew....eggs and ketchup.
I think it would be boring to eat in bed all by myself. Plus I get enough crumbs in the bed with the kids and their snacks or feet crumbs.

I think it would be a lot easier to be dressed up as a waiter, myself. Then you can act as fake or fun as you want!

Matt and Cristina said...

It seems the only breakfasts in bed around here are the ones I make and then crawl back in bed to eat...that totally ruins the effect. But I have to admit, I am a fan of ketchup with scrambled eggs. Do you think I could bribe Matt to do the cleaning if I take him to Pirate Island?

T Daley said...

Breakfast in bed... sign me up, and I PROMISE I won't jump on the bed :)

Tyler would be jealous of the Lego Birhtday party... She is a HUGE fan of Lego's

Last but not least I must say you have some pretty sinkin' cute kids!

T said...

I thought for a minute you were going to tell us that the lost teeth were somewhere in that Lego insanity on the floor... adios to THOSE teeth. Glad they were actually totally unrelated facts :)

DKAZ said...

I would've liked to seen you try your hand at being a pirate waitress (i really had the urge to say Pirate Piggy for some reason). I would've tipped you more-cuz it would have been pure entertainment, not anything to do with pity.

PS-let that cute little girl in, or send her down here-we'll take her.

The Allreds said...

I've heard a couple of people mention the pirate it nearby - sorry if you already wrote that, I didn't notice it. happy belated birthday. 6, WOW! I've always wanted a breakfast in bed table - glad ethan got to use one!
I hear you had snow today, no sandals allowed in that weather! brrrrr!

big8smiley said...

Those breakfast in bed pictures are SO CUTE! I had to show Jeremy and I didn't even preface it with "I know you don't care but...". Our kids smother eggs with ketchup too. The smell sometimes is enough to kill me off. BTW, Nathan had a blast at Ethan's lego party. It was a real hit.

Sher said...

The picture of Syd reminds me of Trisa when she was about that size pounding on the door and saying "side, side" over and over hoping we'd get a clue and take her outside. You were totally brave to try the breakfast in bed thing even once. I'm impressed. I'd have to say that I'm NOT with Ethan on the ketchup with the eggs thing.