Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello December

noelle and ethan enjoying the snow--I'm pretty sure they only go outside because that means they can come back inside after 10 minutes and beg for hot chocolate

December 8th. We have had over a foot of snow, a fresh Christmas tree, two Christmas parties under our belt, front row seats at the Provo winter parade, neighbor gifts already coming, holiday tantrums, visits with Santa, a trip to the Forgotten Carols w/ the YW, viewings of The Polar Express, the Grinch and that free animated video The King is Born... I think we could have Christmas tomorrow and be OK. Except there may not be any presents under the tree. Oh well, can't have it all.

Decorating the tree....decorations courtesy of various preschools and elementary schools. I'm pretty sure that in a couple of years we will not be able to see the actual tree due to all the kid crafts adorning it.

Mitch asking Santa for the second book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Bless his scholarly heart. Please note Isaac in the background. We have not been able to get Ike near Santa since he was 6 months old. Noelle was similarly adamant about not getting within three feet of the scary dude. Please forget that Ike is 6 years older than Noelle.

The whole fam at the Christmas parade. We got enough salt water taffy and tootsie rolls to last us the rest of the winter.

Gratuitous picture of Syd. Next year she can play in the snow, not eat the tree, and throw her own holiday induced tantrums.


cold cocoa said...

If Syd is anything like Sam (which she is) then she won't be playing next year either, darn it.
That picture at the parade is cool of Noelle. Take a good, long look at her face. You can see a fake face through the pink scarf thingy! It's cool. Our nasty candy is about gone. I think I made sure you guys got the bulk of the tootsies.
Last, you need some work on your mantle to festive it up quite a bit. Like a garland, you know.

stephanie said...

This post makes me happy! Ilove the picture of the kiddos decorating the tree in their pajamas. That is so christmasy!

Too bad so sad for Ike! sitting on Santa's lap is the best

T Daley said...

Hey, Brayden LOVES Percy Jackson!!! Heads up you can get all 5 of the books through scholastic book orders for like $25.oo~ish. They are coming out with a movie in Feb. But, Brayden is still on the fence about if he wants to see it or not. He is worried they might mess up the books. He is one Smart kid, cause they usually do. :)
I am jealous you have already gotten all of that accomplished, and it is only the 8th!! Our tree is still MIA and we just haven't had time to find it, my poor kids! Thanks you for all your well wishes with my Grandma you are so sweet.

Michelle said...

They throw candy in December? I need to get out more.

LC said...

Love that photo of you guys at the parade. We have you guys for Christmas--maybe we'll be getting you something for that mantle:)

hOLLIANN said...

I am loving the snow! Just yesterday I embraced it in my flip flops...gave that up when I couldn't get traction to push the kids in the shopping cart to the car.

DKAZ said...

You're calling me out for 20 activities in 8 days? Um...pot calling the kettle black??? I bet you just made everyone jump out of the econo-van to get that family pic, to make it "appear" as though you are doing all this fun family stuff. I know you-just the same shy girl from the reg office makin' up dances you never really intended to perform to the festive Amy Grant. Nice try! Happy Holidays-consider that your greeting card.

The Allreds said...

I could hear your comments as Bing Crosby was singing in the background : ) Merry, merry days to you! : )

Lady Di said...

It makes Claire so happy when you post pictures of Syd. Keep it up! I'm glad Mitch is still sitting on Santa's lap---I've been having to shush some of Dallin's friends. I told him it was time for him to stop adding things to his Christmas list because everyone is done shopping but he said, "There is still Santa!"